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Status of commercial turboprop engined aircraft on Belgian register: past and present




Regi  Type Msn  Original Belgian operator Last regi Current status
OO-ARI BN-2A 150 Publi-Air YV486T (YV273T) (Islas Aviation Services)  airline ceased ops 00/00/12  fate ?
OO-AST BN-2A-6 008 Publi-Air HI-653 Sky High Aviation Services  l/n i/s 29/08/13  seen wfu & derelict SDQ 28/09/19
OO-DHB CV-580(F) 458 European Air Transport ZS-SKL Titan Helicopter Group
OO-DHC CV-580(F) 68 European Air Transport N586P (Air Tahoma (in DHL c/s))  crashed on app when lost height after engine troubles and hit trees CVG 13/08/04 {1,1} 
OO-DHD CV-580(F) 135 European Air Transport ZS-SKK Skyhaul but was lsd LAC Congo (Skycargo) 00/12/05  seen wfu FIH 12/05/09
OO-DHE CV-580(F) 52 European Air Transport XA-TRB (Air Tribe)  dbr when u/c collapsed during engine tests BRO 18/01/18 {0,2}
OO-DHF CV-580(F) 147 European Air Transport ZS-SKH (Skyhaul but was lsd LAC Congo 00/12/05)  crashed on landing after been shot down with surface-to-air missile by rebels Amisi Airport (Democratic Republic of Congo) 27/04/06 {8,0}
OO-DHG CV-580(F) 25 European Air Transport ZS-SKG (Skyhaul)  seen partly b/u CPT 20/09/13 after seen stored CPT 18/09/10 with some parts missing 
OO-DHH CV-580(F) 186 European Air Transport ZS-SKI Skyhaul but lsd LAC Congo 00/12/05  dmgd FIH 26/03/06 when hit by An26 on ground during storm  presum w/o (l/n FIH 12/05/09)
OO-DHI CV-580(F) 354 European Air Transport EC-899 (Swiftair)  dbr on belly landing after training flight VIT 19/09/95 {0,4}
OO-DHJ CV-580(F) 361 European Air Transport N587X (Air Tahoma)  crashed in cornfield SE of LCK when enroute to MFD but returning to LCK 01/09/08 {3,0}
OO-DHL CV-580(F) 459 European Air Transport N589X ((Air Tahoma) N589X Inc) Spanaway WA  seen stored JVY 00/05/15 after storage LCK 00/09/06
OO-DTA FH-227B 551 Delta Air Transport CX-BQU (Aerolineas Uruguayas)  b/u MVD 00/04/01 after storage MVD 00/12/94
OO-DTB FH-227B 553 Delta Air Transport CX-BQT (Aerolineas Uruguayas)  b/u MVD 00/04/01 after storage MVD 00/12/94
OO-DTC FH-227B 559 Delta Air Transport PJ-FHA (ALM (Antillean Airlines))  fuselage was sunk as diving object Watamula (near Curaçao) 25/02/07 after been wfu & used for fire training CUR 00/01/91
OO-DTD FH-227B 555 Delta Air Transport PJ-FHB (ALM (Antillean Airlines))  wfu CUR 00/01/91 derelict condition (seen 00/05/96) & seen burned 07/06/02 & 28/02/06
OO-DTE FH-227B 534 Delta Air Transport 5N-ATL (Concord Airlines)  dbr on aborted t/o LOS 01/04/90 {0,52} (extant but partly b/u 00/01/92 & used for spares) (l/n LOS 00/04/93)
OO-DTF EMB-120 120082 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) D2-FDO (Air Guicango)  crashed 15 minutes after t/o after an engine malfunction nr Cuilo (Angola) 12/10/17 {7,0}
OO-DTG EMB-120 120087 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) I-SKYB Skybridge (opf U.N. 00/05/11)  stored LFBF 21/09/14
OO-DTH EMB-120 120104 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) HA-FAN Budapest Aircraft Service
OO-DTI EMB-120 120121 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) 5Y-CEI AirTraffic Africa
OO-DTJ EMB-120 120123 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) HA-FAI Aeroexpress
OO-DTK EMB-120 120149 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) D6-HUA (Inter Iles Air)  ditched into ocean shortly after t/o HAH after encountering a fuel leak 27/11/12 {0,29}
OO-DTL EMB-120 120176 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) HA-FAL Budapest Aircraft Service
OO-DTN EMB-120 120235 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) D2-FFP Diexim Expresso  stored LAD 00/09/18
OO-DTO EMB-120 120253 DAT (Belgian Regional Airline) TT-DAG RJM Aviation  wfu BUD 10/07/18 (a/w n/t)
OO-EDA BAe-31 838 Euro Direct België ZK-JSH Air Freight NZ (in Originair markings 30/07/15)
OO-EEA CV-580(F) 43 European Expedite N582HG Trans-Air-Link)  crashed-landed after engine failure (fuel starvation) into shallow ocean Miami Beach 06/12/01 {0,2} (was enroute FLL-OPF with little extra fuel) 
OO-EEB CV-580(F) 163 European Expedite N585P Air Tahoma  (grounded by FAA 14/01/09)  seen stored LCK 01/04/15  canx 31/10/20 as wfu
OO-EED CV-580(F) 375 European Expedite C-GNRL (Nolinor Aviation)  b/u BFI by 08/09/11 after been dmgd on taxiing for t/o when ran into fence BFI 20/03/11 {0,2}
OO-ELI Dornier 328 3060 Air Service Liege 12-3060 US Air Force Special Operations Command
OO-ELJ CL-44 20 Young Cargo TR-LVO (Affretair)  destroyed in hangar fire HRE 05/02/82 {0,*}
OO-FEA F27-600(F) 10385 Flanders Airlines PK-ZMV (Air Maleo)  b/u HLP 00/00/17 after seen wfu HLP 02/10/16
OO-FEF F27-600(F) 10419 Flanders Airlines N701FE (Empire Airlines (but with Fedex markings))  seen wfu GEG 10/08/04 (minus engines)  canx 16/10/05 as wfu
OO-FEG F27-600(F) 10350 Eurojet International N19AQ (Empire Airlines (but with Fedex markings)) 19th hole Corp  seen wfu COE 26/08/09  canx 31/10/13 as wfu
OO-FEI F27-600(F) 10682 Sky Service N723FE Mountain Air Cargo (but in Fedex markings)  seen stored ISO 07/08/07  canx 00/12/07 as wfu
OO-FEK F27-500(F) 10677 Sky Service N724FE (Mountain Air Cargo (but in Fedex markings))  wfu & used by fire service ISO 00/07/05  registration canx as wfu 18/08/06
OO-FEL F27-500(F) 10567 Sky Service N728FE Mountain Air Cargo (but in Fedex markings)  seen stored ISO 07/08/07  canx 00/12/07 as wfu
OO-FFF Metro III AC-644B Airlines 1992 C-GYQT Bearskin Airlines
OO-FKY CASA 212 291 Antwerp Air N497CA Rampart Aviation
OO-GGG Metro III AC-670B Airlines 1992 C-FYAG Perimeter Aviation
OO-GVS BN-2A-6 236 Publi-Air ZK-SFK Island Aviation
OO-HLN F27-600 10342 BIAS D-AELJ WDL  seen stored CGN 03/11/06 minus one engine  canx 07/11/12 as wfu
OO-HTC FH-227B 559 Delta Air Transport PJ-FHA (ALM (Antillean Airlines))  fuselage was sunk as diving object Watamula (near Curaçao) 25/02/07 after been wfu & used for fire training CUR 00/01/91
OO-HUB CV-580(F) 130 European Air Transport N590X (Swiftair)  was seen stored LKC 20/04/06 & seen derelict 05/03/16 (still painted as EC-GSJ) after storage STN 28/08/05 & MAD 10/04/04   canx 08/05/21 as b/u
OO-III Metro II TC-344 Airlines 1992 LV-WHG Servicios Aéreas Regionales (Lerpas SA)
OO-JFP DHC-6 74 Publi-Air 9Q-CXK (Malu Aviation)  crashed after t/o FZCF 03/10/96 {4,0}
OO-JJJ Metro II TC-402 Airlines 1992 I-SWAB (Serib Wings)  seen wfu & preserved Museo dell' Aviazone Cerasolo (near Rimini Italy) 27/08/01 after seen stored without engines TRN 12/03/00 
OO-JPA Merlin IVA AT-041 European Air Transport EC-GBI Medit Air (with Lineas Aereas Penisulares titles)  seen stored MAD 17/09/09 minus rudder
OO-JPI Metro II TC-221 European Air Transport EC-FZB (Swiftair)  seen stored BCN 02/04/11 minus one engine
OO-JPK Metro II TC-247 European Air Transport N247ML Locair Inc  seen stored FLL 07/02/09  a/w n/t no engines  for lease  sold Mexico 20/03/12 probable for spares only
OO-JPN (1) Merlin IVA AT-002 European Air Transport C-GTMW (Provincial Airlines)  seen stored BOG 00/00/04 & 00/12/05  sold Venezuela 27/07/04 probable for spares only
OO-JPN (2) Merlin IVA AT-038 European Air Transport EC-JCV Flightline  wfu GOT 21/06/17  canx 00/11/20
OO-JPY Metro II TC-393 European Air Transport LV-ZEB CEDMA Aviation
OO-LAW Metro II TC-347 Lignes Aeriennes Wallones C-FGEW (Sunwest Aviation)  b/u INF 00/00/19
OO-MTD EMB-120 120213 Air Meuse TR-LIT (Equaflight Service)  seen stored DNR 09/11/12  offered for sale by Regourd Aviation
OO-NNN Metro II TC-353 Airlines 1992 XA-UGN Aerofuturo
OO-PSF F27-200 10324 CER N266MA (Mesaba Airlines) NWAL  stored AUW 00/05/95
OO-PSM Merlin IVA AT-057 CER N31AT (Air Transportation)  dbr on belly landing DTW 15/12/95 {0,1}  remains to White Industries
OO-RXL SF-340B 163 Air Exel Belgium UR-ALC South Airlines but lsd AeroJet 00/12/12  stored KBP 16/02/22
OO-RXM SF-340B 171 Air Exel Belgium N989AF Ameriflight
OO-SBP F27-400 10340 BIAS D-AELH (WDL)  b/u CGN 00/09/09 after seen stored CGN 03/11/06
OO-SCA F27-600 10354 BIAS AP-AXF (PIA)  dbr when overran rwy on t/o during touch-and-go training flight GIL 05/06/81 {0,3}
OO-SKU EMB-110 110288 Sky Service C6-PDX (Package Delivery Express)  seen wfu OPF 31/12/14 (no props) after storage FLL 13/03/10 & NAS 05/03/03  (never entered service)
OO-SKW EMB-110 110381 Sky Service 9G-FWC Air Shuttle  seen wfu ACC 20/06/16
OO-SVL F27-100 10113 Servisair OO-SVL (BNP Lease N.V.)  b/u DNR by 06/09/10 after wfu DNR 27/02/92
OO-SVM F27-100 10121 Servisair F-WKPX (Trans Oceanic Traders)  b/u RTM 00/06/93 after storage RTM 29/05/93 (cockpit remained 00/10/93, seen Schiedam (the Netherlands) 00/00/96) after storage DNR 02/03/92
OO-SVN F27-100 10166 Servisair 9U-BHE (BNP Lease N.V.)  b/u DNR by 06/09/10 after wfu DNR 00/02/92
OO-VGA Metro II TC-285 European Air Transport C-GIQG Perimeter Aviation
OO-VGC Merlin IVA AT-066 European Air Transport EC-JQC (CanaryFly)  b/u LPA 00/00/19 after been wfu LPA by 03/03/15
OO-VGD Merlin IVA AT-062 European Air Transport EC-GFK Flightline  dbr GRO 24/04/16 {0,2}
OO-VGE Metro II TC-279 Frevag nv C-GIQF Perimeter Aviation  stored place & date unknown
OO-VGG Metro II TC-288 Frevag nv C-GIQK (Perimeter Aviation)  possible b/u (place & date unknown)
OO-VGH CV-580 28 European Air Transport OO-VGH b/u BRU 15/12/94 after been wfu & used for spares BRU 26/09/91
OO-VLC F50 20103 VLM 5Y-DDI Silverstone Air Services
OO-VLE F50 20132 VLM OO-VLE (CityJet)  wfu & used for spares NWI 17/07/11 after dbr when main u/c collapsed on ground RTM 10/05/11  to be b/u
OO-VLF F50 20208 VLM 5Y-JWZ Jetways Airlines but lsd Skyward Express 00/05/22
OO-VLG F50 20104 VLM OO-VLG b/u & used for spares BRU 00/10/02 
OO-VLI F50 20226 VLM SE-LTR Amapola Flyg (in PopulAir markings)
OO-VLJ F50 20105 VLM SE-MFP Amapola Flyg (in PopulAir markings)
OO-VLK F50 20122 VLM 5Y-SMX Skyward International Aviation  seen wfu WIL 09/11/22
OO-VLL F50 20144 VLM HP-1922 Air Panama  stored PAC 00/01/17  (l/n derelict 11/01/24)
OO-VLM F50 20135 VLM HP-1921PST Air Panama  stored PAC 00/01/17  (for sale)  (l/n 11/01/24)
OO-VLN F50 20145 VLM 5Y-MMA Silverstone Air Services but lsd Salaam Air Express 00/03/21
OO-VLO F50 20127 VLM OO-VLO ((VLM)  SHS Antwerp Aviation)  was wfu ANR 23/10/15 & sold to Amapola Flyg for spares 13/07/18 (usable spares transported by road 00/00/18)  hulk transported by road 08/01/19 to Neershespen & to be used by police for drug dog excercises
OO-VLP F50 20209 VLM 5Y-JWX Jetways Airlines  stored without engines WIL 00/04/22
OO-VLQ F50 20159 VLM SE-MFZ Amapola Flyg
OO-VLR F50 20121 VLM 5Y-WFA Gikama but lsd Rudufu 08/08/15  seen stored without engines NBO 21/03/19
OO-VLS F50 20109 VLM SE-MFY Amapola Flyg (in PopulAir markings)
OO-VLT F50 20237 VLM YV-3010 Avior Airlines  stored PZO 00/12/16
OO-VLV F50 20160 VLM VH-FKO Alliance Airlines  seen stored ADL 24/04/21
OO-VLX F50 20177 VLM 5Y-SMT Maandeeq Air
OO-VLY F50 20181 VLM 9S-ABG Gomair
OO-VLZ F50 20264 VLM SE-MFR Amapola Flyg
OO-XGF Metro II TC-344 Frevag nv LV-WHG Servicios Aéreas Regionales (Lerpas SA)
OO-XGI Metro II TC-402 Frevag nv I-SWAB (Serib Wings)  seen wfu & preserved Museo dell' Aviazone Cerasolo (Italy) 27/08/01 after seen stored without engines TRN 12/03/00 
OO-XGO Metro II TC-353 Frevag nv XA-UGN Aerofuturo
OO-YCA Britannia 253 13397 Young OO-YCA b/u STN 13/11/79 after storage STN 00/07/77
OO-YCB Britannia 253 13456 Young OO-YCB b/u OST 30/08/80 after storage OST 22/08/76
OO-YCC Britannia 253 13434 Young OO-YCC b/u CRL 13/06/78 after storage CRL 16/01/76
OO-YCD Britannia 253 13512 Young OO-YCD b/u CRL 23/06/78 after storage CRL 05/03/76
OO-YCE Britannia 253 13398 Young OO-YCE b/u OST 30/08/80 after storage OST 00/12/77
OO-YCF Britannia 253 13509 Young OO-YCF burned on fire practice STN 00/05/81 after partly b/u STN 00/07/77 & storage STN 07/05/76 (never operated for Young)
OO-YCG Britannia 253 13510 Young 9Q-CDT (Katale Aero Transport (BCF Aviation))  b/u FIH by 00/01/92 after been used for spares FIH since 00/00/88 by BCF
OO-YCH Britannia 253 13399 Young 9Q-CKG (Katale Aero Transport)  b/u GOM by 00/01/92 after storage GOM 00/07/79 & OST 00/04/79 & MSE 00/12/77 & OST 00/08/77




Notes: registrations that have not been taken up in Belgian register (ntu) are excluded.

Some abbreviations used: app=approach, arr=arrived, a/w= all white, b/u=broken up, canx = cancelled, c/s=color scheme, dbr=damaged beyond repair, f/c=full colors, i/s= in service, l/n=last noted,  lsd=leased, msn=manufactory serial number, n/t=no titles,  opf=operating for, presum=presumable, reg=registration, rwy=runway, s/t=small titles, wfu=withdrawn from use. Date is read as day/month/year. Numbers between {  } read as left=fatalities, right=survivers, +=fatalities on ground. ICAO codes for the Belgian airports can be found here.

Credit: Turbo Prop Airliner Production List (TAHS), Aviation Letter, Scramble, Belgian Civil Aircraft since 1920 (MC Pub), Airlines & Airliners: Bristol Britannia (ADC),  Air-Britain Archive, Algemeen Rijksarchief Brussels, own archives and info shared by the internet.

Special thanks to B. Ceulemans for additions and corrections by using his OO- database.

Photos are shown for non commercial purpose and were only put online to illustrate the rich and colorfull history of the Belgian register.
They were taken by:
- the webmaster and credited as "Skystef",
- shared by otherone's collection credited with their name,
- scanned from my slide or photo collection which I started to purchase (or swap with my own slides) from 1988 onwards at several airline conventions. Some slides came from the collection of G. Van Belleghem who passed away in 2018 and released by ASA Antwerp in 2019, or earlier from the slide collection of F. De Bel partly obtained in 2013, or earlier from the slide collection of W. Collen entirely obtained in 2003. If these slides / photo's carry the name of the photographer, it's credited such. In case of no name I will use "collection Skystef". However, if you recognize some picture(s) as yours, don't hesitate to contact me so I can give the proper credit.

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