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 November 10 2013
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July 27 2013
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June 21 2019

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November 1 2015
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January 5 2015
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October 14 2018

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November 2015 - June 2016: interuption of weather station.

January 1 2013: link snow-thunderstorm forecast for Flanders, weerwaarschuwingen and RSS-feed all ceased.

January 1 2013: link weather diary ceased and replaced by link climatology Kampenhout

February 15 2012: links for Barometer, Temperature and Wind from weather station Kampenhout, free to use for local monitor purpose in Kampenhout or surroundings .

January 30 2012: index page restyled.

January 1 2012: official launch of automatic Weather station Kampenhout powered by Davis.

January 1 2012: monthly-pictures ceased.

January 1 2012: Brussels movements ceased and replaced by Brussels ACARS.

March 1 2011: from this date, my own weather update only when potentially severe weather is on its way.

June 22 2010: web statistics moved to stats.

April 13 2010: link Belgian register has been completed after more than five year research and scanning. All blue links in the 6 page section are airframes which are documented by at at least one picture. Contribution of pictures is encouraged as some are still missing in the section "prop and piston engined aircraft". 

January 15 2010: extern link "guestbook" removed due to unexpected cease of this free service.

May 15 2009: RSS-feed available for skystef's weersverwachting BelgiŽ

April 1 2009: daily acars available for Belgium for the active month (older ones can be requested by mail)  

February 26 2009: dropdown list of operators added in pictures of airlines and airliners at Brussels Airport.

February 20 2009: dropdown list of operators added in contrail picture sections.

January 22 2009: link aircraft action pictures and pictures of aircraft encountering Sun and Moon grouped in special pictures of airliners at Brussels Airport.

January 2 2009: weather picture of the month rebranded to picture of the month as aviation & space related items will be included.

January 1 2009: during 2008 this website attracted 215695 visitors, an average of almost 600 per day.
Top 3 weather links:
weersverwachting BelgiŽ, webcam Kampenhout and weather in 1 click.
Top 3 aviation links: contrail pictures of 4 engined airliners, contrail picture main page and Belgian airlines.

December 16 2008: link pictures of airlines & airliners at Brussels airport

December 16 2008: link pictures of Sabena foreigners has been deleted

December 14 2008: link pictures of aircraft inducing vortices and condensation

December 14 2008: link pictures of B707-720 has been integrated in the section B707/720

November 23 2008: link aviation movies, grouped in aircraft pictures

June 20-21 2008: a virus attack on my webspace caused an interruption of more than 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

December 27 2007: mark of 200.000 visitors was reached for entire year 2007, once more a big thank you.
Most popular page remains weersverwachting BelgiŽ = 35%, followed by the weather webcam Kampenhout = 25%.

November 7 2007: link calculators, added fog, Tmin, convective windgust & wintry precipitation calculators.

May 31 2007: link thunderstorm indices.

December 11 2006: mark of 100.000 visitors was reached for entire year 2006, a big thank you.
Most popular page remains weersverwachting BelgiŽ = 30%, followed by the weather webcam Kampenhout = 26%.

November 9 2006: link SkyStef's blog (in Dutch language).

October 18 2006: link SkyStef's buddy map.

October 14 2006: by use of a java script written by Swiss colleague Markus Pfister, with permission to republish but slightly revised by me, most of the forecast weather maps (general weather, snow & thunderstorm) contain an animation tool.

October 11 2006: link interactive weather maps.

October 5 2006: link heat index calculator.

September 27 2006: link Benelux weather in 1 click.

September 25 2006: links METAR & TAF retriever and aviation weather revised.

September 22 2006: links Bulk Richardson Number, Showalter Index, K Index and Total Total Index calculators.

August 14 2006: weather pictures, movies and reports have been regrouped in the main menu bar to weather images. A new menu bar has been added to navigate through these sections.

May 2006: stats from my host are included on this page. Variations with counter " Belstat" is due to the fact that not all pages are linked with this free script. 

From April 2006 on a few hundred pages with low resolution pictures from the Belgian register will be added slowly.

January 31 2006: installation of a new webcam "Logitech Quickcam Fusion 1.3mpx", replacing the older wireless one.

January 21 2006: menu bar to navigate through the weather maps.

December 26 2005: mark of 25.000 visitors was reached (via free Belstat counter): a big thank you.
Most popular page was the weather outlook Belgium / weersverwachting BelgiŽ with 38%, followed by the weather webcam Kampenhout.

December 1 2005: link contrail pictures.

November 18 2005: link Belgian airlines.

November 13 2005: link Belgian register of civil piston engined aircraft part I & part II.

October 28 2005: new url: All updates will be done on this url. 
The old url is still available but most photos and pages will be deleted during 2006

October 10 2005: link Belgian register of civil turboprop aircraft.

June 12 2005: links windspeed converter &
wind chill calculator.

May 25 2005: link new interactive guestbook: read or write.

May 6 2005: link weather webcam Kampenhout.

April 21 2005: links METAR and TAF retriever and METAR decoder.

March 9 2005: link snow-thunderstorm forecast for Flanders (text in Dutch).

February 8 2005: link Sabena pictures of foreign registered airplanes (removed December 16, 2008).

February 6 2005: link Belgian B707-B720 pictures.

January 31 2005: weather pictures have been collected in a photo album. Belgian Register split in 3 sections for search engine purpose.

January 23 2005: link history of Belgian B707-B720.

January 12 2005: link weather diary of Belgium which replaces but includes weather facts of Kampenhout.

January 12 2005: link pictures of clouds according WMO classification.

January 11 2005: mirror link in Dutch glossary of weather terms for clouds.

January 6 2005: link weather picture of the month which also illustrates the cover of this website.

January 6 2005: restyle of page classification of clouds.

December 20 2004: link weather quiz of Belgian records.

December 6 2004: restyle of pages weather pictures and weather maps.

November 28 2004: link weather picture quiz.

November 11 2004: official launch of website.

November 3 2004: link Belgian register of civil jet aircraft.

October 28 2004: all backlog weather pictures & reports online.

October 10 2004: first weather pictures & reports online.

October 2 2004: website online.