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ASL Airlines



Base: Liège

21x B737F of which 8 current (OO-TNN, OO-TNO, OO-TNP, OO-TNQ, OE-IAP, OE-IAQ, OE-IAR, OE-IAT) and 13 history ( OE-IAS, OO-TNA, OO-TNB, OO-TNC, OO-TND, OO-TNE, OO-TNF, OO-TNG, OO-TNH, OO-TNI, OO-TNJ, OO-TNK, OO-TNL)

4x B747-400F = all history (OO-THA, OO-THB, OO-THC, OO-THD) +2x were leased from Atlas Air in 2002-2003 (OO-TJA, N491MC),

2x B757-200F of which 1 current (OO-TFC) and 1 history (OO-TFA)

3x B777-200F = all history (OO-TSA, OO-TSB, OO-TSC)


4x A300F = all history (OO-TZA, OO-TZB, OO-TZC, OO-TZD)

History: before changing its name on Januay 24 2017 to "ASL Airlines Belgium", it was formed in June 1999 as TNT Airways, wholly owned by the TNT Post Group, to provide world-wide parcel services from its Liège hub. This Belgian company was to take over the TNT parcel network provided by contracted carriers like Mistral Air (Italy), Pan Air (Spain), Airfoyle & Hunting Air Cargo (U.K.), Eurowings (Germany) and Sterling (Denmark). From these six carriers,  two remain active for the TNT group: Pan Air with 6 BAe146QC and 2 A300 and Mistral Air with 2 BAe146, all in full TNT colors. Other foreign carriers operating for the TNT group included Amerer Air of Austria (Electra), Axis Airways of France (B737QC), Cairo Aviation of Egypt (Tu204), Atlantic Airlines of the U.K. (Tu204), Channel Express (now Jet2) of the U.K. (A300), and Icelandair (B757). Own services with a Belgian registered BAe146QC started on February 12 2000 with a flight to Vienna. Between October 2002 and April 2003 a B747-400 was leased from Atlas Air to provide a link to Hong Kong on behalf of Emirates Airlines. Beside these parcel operations, the fleet is used for cargo (charter) flights for third parties like Royal Air Maroc. On April 3 2004 pax charters for tour operator Club Med started from Brussels to Mediterranean resorts. Initially a leased B737-300 of Islandsflug (now Air Atlanta Icelandic) was used but since February 2005 these flights are carried out with their own B737-300QC equipment. From summer 2006 on these pax charters include operations from Liège. On December 21 2006 their first B747-400F was delivered, followed by a second one on May 22 2007. Initially meant for operations to Shanghai, this turned out to be rather unsuccessful and so they were leased to Emirates Cargo. This cooperation led to the fact that on July 31 2007 their third Jumbo was delivered in full Emirates Cargo colors, repeated on their fourth on February 12 2008, both wet leased for a ten year period. On December 24 2009, the final commercial flight with an Airbus A300 was conducted. On July 23 2011, the first (of three) factory fresh B777 freighters was delivered at Liège, but these remained only 6 years operational. Together with Pan Air, the company was to be sold by parent company TNT Express to ASL Aviation which on its turn is a parent company of Air Contractors and Europe Airpost, materialising in May 2016, changing on Januay 24 2017 to its current name.


Belgian Airlines