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Welcome, I'm webmaster Stef, also an aviation meteorologist since 1992.

This website is dedicated to my two passions: weather & aviation both amalgamated into my professional life. A major part of this site concerns the photography of these subjects. Most of the weather pictures have been taken at Kampenhout central Belgium and close to Brussels Airport where most shots of aircraft originated. Weather photos have been taken with Aiptek digital cam till March 2004 and Sony DSC-P72 cam afterwards. From January 2005 onwards Canon EOS 300D, later upgraded with a Canon 30D / 7D, pics were included. Aircraft photos (Kodachrome 25/64 slides) were initially taken with analogue camera's of Chinon & Pentax in the period 1986-2004. In the summer of 2005 I have switched to the digital era with a Canon EOS 300D + Sigma 50-500 zoom lens. In the summer of 2007 upgraded to a Canon 30D and in the autumn of 2009 upgraded to a Canon 7D with since 2017 also a Canon 100-400L zoom lens. In 2007, a telescope was purchased to freeze some airframes at cruising levels overhead.

There is more to discover on this site, like a professional selection of maps of observed & forecasted (aviation) weather. Since 2012 an automatic station at Kampenhout records the weather.

The aviation part is mainly focused on the Belgian civil scenery both past and present. Hereby is the Belgian register an highlight of more than 20 years research which is still running. Also included are hundreds of (art) pictures of aircraft and dozens of movies at or near Brussels Airport.


Weather images: photography and movies of clouds & other meteors, reports of severe weather.

Climatology: personal review on Belgium's daily weather 2004-2012, weather station climatology from 2012 onwards.

Weather station: live weather from an automatic station in Kampenhout. 

Weather maps: observed & forecasted (aviation) weather Belgium and Europe. 

Aircraft images: photography and movies of airlines and airliners at Brussels Airport or at cruising level.

BRU ACARS: reports of aircraft within a range of 100 km from Brussels Airport.

Belgian register: status of commercial aircraft (once) on the Belgian register + history of Belgian B707/B720.

Belgian airlines: a brief description of all commercial airlines (once) in Belgium.

Links: a small selection of useful weather and aviation links.

Webnews & search: latest updates on this site + a search function via Google.


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