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TUI Airlines Belgium

Taken at Brussels in June 2006 and wearing the colors of the World of TUI group, the sole B767-300 OO-TUC is used for longer IT sectors. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Website: TUI fly

Fleet: 15x B737 (OO-JAF, OO-JAL, OO-JAO, OO-JAQ, OO-JAR, OO-JAS, OO-JAX, OO-JEF, OO-MAX, OO-TMA, OO-TMB, OO-TMZ, OO-TNC, OO-TUK, OO-TUV)  + 27x history (OO-CAN, OO-JAA, OO-JAD, OO-JAH, OO-JAM, OO-JAN, OO-JAT, OO-JAU, OO-JAV, OO-JAY, OO-JBG, OO-JBV, OO-JFD, OO-JLO, OO-JOS, OO-JPT, OO-SRO, OO-TMY, OO-TNB, OO-TUA, OO-TUB, OO-TUI, OO-TUM, OO-TUP, OO-TUX, OO-VAS, OO-VAC) + 5x were leased in 2008 from Futura of which (EC-KNS, EC-IZG, EC-GNZ) had Jetairfly titles

1x B787-8 (OO-JDL) +1x history (OO-LOE)

3x Embraer E195-2 (OO-ETA, OO-ETB, OO-ETC)

4x Embraer ERJ-190 = history (OO-JEB, OO-JEM, OO-TEA, OO-JVA)

4x B767 = history (OO-JAP, OO-JNL, OO-TUC) + 1x was leased from Neos (EI-DMJ)

1x F100 = history (OO-TUF)

2x A300 = were leased 2003-2006 from MNG Airlines (TC-MNE, TC-MNZ)

History: was formed by tour operator Jetair on November 13 2003 to provide IT charters to Mediterranean resorts from several Belgian airports and is part of the European TUI group. Initially operations would start on April 1 2004 by leasing two B737s from the German sister company. The bankrupt of Sobelair in January 2004 increased their start up fleet to 5 airframes for the short haul network and one B767 for the long sectors. Operations started a week earlier than planned, namely on March 25 2004 with a first revenue to Hurghada. The B767 wasn't operational before February 2005, hence foreign equipment was leased in form of A330s of LTU, B767s of Britannia/Thomsonfly, LOT, Icelandair, HollandExel, BelgiumExel & EuroAtlantic Airways, Tristars of EuroAtlantic Airways & Luzair, B757s of Icelandair, A310s of Air Plus Comet, Eagle Aviation & Hapag-Lloyd. Also on the short haul sectors extra capacity is sometimes needed by leasing mainly B737s of Transavia & Futura. During the summer seasons of 2004 & 2005 an A300 of MNG Airlines was leased for operations to Turkey, and it did wear the blue colors of the TUI group. In 2005, the TUI group decided to rebrand the flying divisions as "TUI fly", and  the Belgian member choose the in Belgium well known tour operators name of "Jetair", so on November 24 2005 its flying division was renamed to Jetairfly.


Belgian Airlines