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Overseas National Airways

Taken at Antwerp airport, this Beech was one of two airplanes owned by ONA. (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet of commercial airliners: 1x B707 leased from Scibe (9Q-CBW)
History: Overseas National Airways (ONA) was formed on May 26 1987 by Luc Mellaerts and Pierre Vandenbroucke to operate services on behalf of third parties by leasing various foreign equipment when needed. Among the more then fifty customers were LOT (introducing the first Boeing in Poland), UTA (B747SP via Luxair), Sobelair (B707 via Scibe Za´re) and Sabena. ONA also seems to have been leasing two Fokker 27 to foreign carriers: one to Jersey European and one (OY-APF) to Business Flight of Denmark. Own flying business includes taxi-operations with a Beech and Learjet (latter operated via Jet Business Airways) and during February-March 1989 they even leased B707 9Q-CBW from Scibe Za´re. A reservation for the B747SP was held, it would be registered OO-ONA, but never materialized. On June 5 1990, ONA suddenly closed their doors. A couple of months later, Pierre Vandenbroucke was one of the founders of a new project called Skyjet


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