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Taken at Wevelgem in May 1997, the Caravelle is wearing the colors of previous operator "French Air Force". It carried a test registration and was baptized  "Thomas", one of the children of founder T. De Bruyn. This airframe became the ill fated 3D-KIK of Transair Cargo which was damaged beyond repair by fire after an emergency landing at Gisenyi (Rwanda)  (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Belgium
Fleet: 3x Caravelle, 3x BAe780 Andover, 1x Shorts Skyvan
History: formed on April 12 1995 by Tony De Bruyn and Renaat Ceulemans, business is focused on supply of spare parts & aircraft leasing. Most important fact was the purchase of three ex French Air Force Caravelles during 1996. Ferried and stored at Wevelgem Airport near Kortrijk, they were sold to African operators in 1997 (2) and 1998 (1). When the last airframe left in January 1999, this was the last ever movement of a Caravelle in Belgium. With the accident of msn 251 on August 27 2004, none of them are operational, as msn 264 was withdrawn from use during 2000 and msn 240 is stored (but airworth) since 2002, both at Kinshasa. In Belgium, at Antwerp Deurne, a BAe780 (9Q-CDY) was laid up between January 21 1998 and September 14 2006 and is currently used as an instructional airframe for a fire school at Emblem. 


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