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Air Dakota

Taken at Brussels on September 26 1996, the DC-3 is wearing the old colors of the Belgian Air Force.  (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Namur, Brussels
Fleet: 1x DC-3
History: was formed during 1996 by Georges Bertrand, owner of Publi-Air and aerodrome Temploux, and Vlaamse Helicopter Maatschappij (VMH). A DC-3A (a converted C-53) was leased for making nostalgic flights from various Belgian airports. The airframe arrived at Brussels on March 27 1996 and was refurbished and painted in old Belgian Air Force markings with a fake registration OT-CWG to celebrate their 50 years anniversary. During July and August 1996 a handfull nostalgic flights were conducted from Ostend, but in the end the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority refused giving a permanent license to operate passengers flights. The main reason for refusal was that the airframe was a converted ex-military machine. Afterwards a few (static) appearances at air shows did occur, but mostly it remained stored at Brussels gradually killing this promising project. After years of storage, it was finally ferried to France on March 23 2002 for a new more active future for decades to come, but the doors at Air Dakota were definite closed. 


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