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Air Antwerp

Taken at Antwerp on September 8 2019, the F50 is wearing the full colors of the Belgian carrier.  (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Antwerp
Fleet: 1x F50 (OO-VLS)
History: it was formed on May 3 2019 by CityJet (75%) and KLM (25%) to conduct pax services from its Antwerp base with its prior destination being London City. It's first aircraft, an ex VLM airframe (OO-VLS), arrived from Sweden at Antwerp on July 27 in their full markings for a press presentation. Operations started on September 9 2019 with a thrice daily service to London City. The Covid-19 crisis was responsible that the airline ceased its flight operations between March 22 - September 14 2020, halting it again during October 2020 due to the ongoing health crisis. Besides a couple of charter flights in 2021, the sole airframe remained idle at Antwerp airport, thus it was decided to ferry it to the lessor in Sweden on May 7 2021 but one month later, on June 11, the company folded.  


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