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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/07/2011 075/F-RAJA A342 French AF CTM1074 -
  MM62159 P180 Italian AF I2159 -
  T-235 DC10 Netherlands AF NAF42 -
  SP-LNB E190 LOT LOT233/4 f/v with Polska stickers
  TC-JNH A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  A7-AEB A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  OO-LTM B733 Korongo Airlines BELXXXX daily for BEL till 23, afterwards stored
02/07/2011 01-0040 B737 USAF SAM099 dep 3
  CS-TEX A310 HiFly JFU533P/532 basic old Oman Air c/s n/t, div EBCI due to night curfew
  OY-JRJ AT43 Danish Air Transport DTR700/971 -
  G-CGMC E135 Eastern Airways EZE1712/712P -
  TS-IPA A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 start summer upgrade
03/07/2011 RA-64504 T204 Russian AF RSD067 -
  D-AXLE B738 XL Airways Germany TCW758F/9F dep 4
  A7-AEJ A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +7
  TC-JNC A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  I-ADJN E190 Air Dolomiti DLH2282/3 -
  F-GIXE B733 Europe Airpost FPO101T/2T mx, dep 8
  G-EZKC B737 easyJet Airline EZY4095/6 -
  N743CK B743 Kalitta Air CKS248/9 f/v with partly DHL c/s + DHL titles, dep 4
04/07/2011 RA-64504 T204 Russian AF RSD067 dep 5
  69-026 C160 Turkish AF TUAF734 -
  69-031 C160 Turkish AF TUAF735 -
  69-033 C160 Turkish AF TUAF733 Turkish Stars c/s
  745 C130 Hellenic AF OSY23T/HAF356U open skies sticker (which was later removed), dep 6
  TC-JJN B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/38 -
  TC-JNN A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 8,9
  A7-AEA A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
05/07/2011 P4-MIS A319 Global Jet Luxembourg P4MIS n/t, dep 6
  C-GLAT A310 Air Transat TSC158/9 f/v with new c/s
06/07/2011 T-235 DC10 Netherlands AF NAF42 -
  MM62209 A319 Italian AF I2209 -
  163691 GLF3 US Navy CATBRD1 dep 7
  02-0042 B737 USAF SPAR96 dep 7
  TC-JNI A333 Turkish Airlines THY1943/4/1937/8 +16,20
  CN-RFF B738 Jet4you JFU533/533A dep 7
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  F-GIXR B733 Europe Airpost SWT1201/4801/930P +7
  OO-VLS F50 CityJet VLM828/828F -
07/07/2011 HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR782/3 -
  SP-LLG B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s, +21
  CN-ROW B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
08/07/2011 A6-EYE A332 Etihad Airways ETD055/6 f/v with soccer team Manchester City c/s
  A7-AEE A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +10
  D-ALIE E170 Cirrus Airlines RUS7171/4108/CFG7702 2x, dep 9
09/07/2011 ZE700 B461 RAF RRR1042 -
  TC-JJI B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 soccer team FC Barcelona c/s
  D-ABXY B733 Lufthansa SWR786/7 -
10/07/2011 01-0041 B737 USAF S143 -
  156/62-IQ CN35 French AF CTM35R8/3909 dep 11
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF352D dep 12
  G-EZKD B737 easyJet Airline EZY4095/6 +24,31
11/07/2011 ZE700 B461 RAF RRR1042 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 dep 12
  1207 CL60 German AF GAF612 dep 12
  MM62174 A319 Italian AF I2174 dep 12
  102005 GLF5 Swedish AF SVF25 dep 12
  156/62-IQ CN35 French AF CTM3909 -
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF LINCE40/AME4535 dep 12
  A7-AEG A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +20,25,29
  ZA-ARD MD82 Belle Air LBY797/8 a/w n/t
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-Air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +12,13,14,15,18,19,20,21,22,26,27,28,29
12/07/2011 A7-CEF GL5T Qatar Executive QTR9093/4 dep 13, +13, dep 14
  EC-HDH B462 Pan Air TAE924E TNT Airways markings, mx, dep 29
13/07/2011 TC-JNF A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  A7-AEF A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  EC-KDG A320 Vueling Airlines VLG8992/3 f/v with Fly me, I'm famous stickers
  OY-RUB AT72 Danish Air Transport DTR981/4811/2/918/4813/4 +14, dep 14
  EC-JCU SW4 Aeronova OVA21P/2P -
  D-CCAS SH36 Nightexpress EXT530/1 -
14/07/2011 84-0085 LJ35 USAF BURSA09 -
  145-209 E135 Hellenic AF HAF352F -
  CS-TEX A310 HiFly HFY241P/387V basic old Oman Air c/s n/t, dep 17
  CN-ROG B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
  A7-BFB B77L Qatar Airways Cargo QTR6060 div EHAM due to strong winds
  G-CFLU SB20 Eastern Airways EZE1634/898P -
15/07/2011 258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  A7-AEI A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +17
  TC-JND A332 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 +31
  TC-JNJ A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 +20
  YR-HBE MD83 Medallion Air MSA6045/9013 Trawel Fly titles, dep 12
17/07/2011 102005 GLF5 Swedish AF SVF25 -
  KAF323 C130 Kuwait AF KAF323 dep 19
  9K-AJF GLF5 State of Kuwait KAC024 dep 19
  CNA-OS C130 Moroccan AF RMAF203 dep 18
  1257 YK40 Czech AF CEF05B dep 18
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4541 dep 18
  A6-AFD A333 Etihad Airways ETD057/8 -
  EC-JJS MD83 Swiftair JAF157P/728P for JAF on 17,18, dep 18
18/07/2011 T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4544 dep 19
  87-24589 H60 USAF DUKE60 dep 19
  1206 CL60 German AF GAF602 -
  1027 A310 German AF GAF953 -
  1021 A310 German AF GAF802 -
  78/F-RAFJ FA50 French AF CTM0011 -
  4/F-RAFQ FA900 French AF CTM0015 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Malta Gvmt JLN101 -
  VP-CME B762 Mid East Jet VPCME n/t, dep 19
  SP-IGN B738 Air Italy Polska JOR123/4 -
19/07/2011 F-GYAJ A320 Air Mediterannee BIE659T mx, dep 20
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  G-ZAPX B752 Titan Airways JAF113P/JFU533 n/t, arr, for JAF on 20, dep 21
  CN-RPC B734 Jet4you JFU110/521 mx, dep 21
  D-AFKF F100 Contactair DLH3358/9 Star Alliance markings
20/07/2011 145-209 E135 Hellenic AF HAF352B dep 21
  T-729 B190 Swiss AF SUI515 -
  69-023 C160 Turkish AF TUAF707 -
  CS-TEI A310 HiFly AFR377V/372V basic Oman Air c/s, n/t, mx, dep 24
  OO-MJE B462 Korongo Airlines BEL3596/7 reactivated for BEL, + 22
  EC-IXL SW4 Aeronova OVA21C/2C -
  TF-FIG B752 Icelandair Cargo ICE746/1 div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TNE B733 TNT Airways TAY31W/31D div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TNH B733 TNT Airways TAY082B/D div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TAF B463 TNT Airways TAY56W/D div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TAY B462 TNT Airways TAY42J/D div EBLG due to fog
  EC-GQO B462 Pan Air TAY54C/D TNT Airways markings, div EBLG due to fog
  EC-HJH B462 Pan Air TAY52H/D TNT Airways markings, div EBLG due to fog
  EC-LMR B463 Pan Air TAY81G/D TNT Airways markings, div EBLG due to fog
21/07/2011 T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4546 -
  1501 A319 German AF GAF609 dep 22
  MM62207 P180 Italian AF I2207 dep 22
  MM62186 C30J Italian AF I2181/OSY26T dep 23 (with open skies sticker)
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I9002 dep 22
  68/F-RAFA FA7X French AF CTM0012 2x
  86/F-RAFB FA7X French AF CTM0015 -
  240/F-RARF A332 French AF CTM0001 -
  PH-KBX F70 Dutch Gvmt PHKBX -
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251V -
  OM-BYO T154 Slovak Gvmt SSG002 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Malta Gvmt JLN101 -
  VP-CME B762 Mid East Jet VPCME n/t
  A7-AEO A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +28
  EI-EED B763 Blue Panorama Airlines BEL9002/1 for BEL on 21,22, dep 22
22/07/2011 MM62206 P180 Italian AF I2206 dep 22
  1205 CL60 German AF GAF645 -
  TC-JNG A332 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 o/c, +24
23/07/2011 D-ABXW B733 Lufthansa SWR786/7 -
  OO-DJY RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9911 dep EGSH for painting in f/c
24/07/2011 TC-IZL A320 IZAir PGT801/2 -
  TC-JJG B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  A6-AFC A333 Etihad Airways ETD057/8 -
  EC-ISY B752 Privilege Style Airlines RAM678/9/680/1 s/t, 29
25/07/2011 LY-VEX A320 Avion Express Italia RAM678/9 +26
  EC-LHL B752 Mint Airways JOR123/4 -
  F-GIXF B733 Europe Airpost FPO281A -
26/07/2011 5109 C160 German AF GAF111 -
  HB-AFN AT72 Farnair Europe FAT503F/391 dep 27
27/07/2011 5109 C160 German AF GAF111 -
  A7-AED A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
28/07/2011 G-CGMB E135 Eastern Airways EZE1765/6 dep 29
  OH-AFL B752 Air Finland BEL9901/4 for BEL on 28 +30, dep 30
  CN-RNS B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
  EC-IXL SW4 Aeronova OVA92R/32C dep 29
29/07/2011 5034 C160 German AF GAF113 -
  HB-IHY A320 Edelweiss Air SWR786/7 -
  TC-JIK A343 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  OO-TAE B463 TNT Airways TAY123P/D div EBLG due to fog
  CS-TKI A310 White BEL9901/2 for BEL on 29 +30, dep 30
  OO-TNB B733 TNT Airways TAY941E arr mx
30/07/2011 TC-JJJ B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  EC-ISY B752 Privilege Style Airlines BEL9932/3 arr, for BEL on 31
  CN-RNT B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
  D-ABXO B733 Lufthansa SWR786/7 -
  N783SA B742 Saudi Arabian SVA917/8 f/v in f/c but with white fuselage
  OY-KBM A343 HiFly HFY663P a/w, arr mx
  D-BJET D328 Private Wings WLC6862/6763 -
31/07/2011 CS-TLO B763 euroAtlantic Airways RAM838/9 -
  PH-AAZ A320 Amsterdam Airlines RAM680/1 -
  OE-LGI DH8D Austrian Arrows AUA1489 arr, for BEL from 31 onwards
  OO-DJY RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9912 arr EGSH after painting in f/c


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; b/u=broken up, c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

Additions/corrections of special visitors welcome to SkyStef

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