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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/04/2010 D-ALED B752 EAT Leipzig BCS8077/1291 DHL markings, ex OO-DLP
  D-ALEG B752 EAT Leipzig BCS6156/1731 DHL markings, ex OO-DPO
  LZ-MDB A320 Air VIA TCW101F/6582 for TCW on 2,3, dep 3
  D-AFKB F100 Contactair SWR780/1 Star Alliance markings
  D-AGPK F100 Contactair SWR780/1/6/7 Star Alliance markings, +2
  LZ-HBB B462 Hemus Air LZB405/6 a/w, +10,22
02/04/2010 LZ-MDM A320 Air VIA TCW103F/TAR9199/TCW991F/102F for TCW on 2,3, dep 3, +21,22,,23, dep 24
  LZ-MDT A320 Air VIA TCW105F/6F/1F/2F for TCW on 3,4, dep 6, +8,9,10,11,12, dep 12
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF851P/114P for JAF on 2,3, dep 3
  PH-HZG B738 Transavia JAF833/908 for JAF on 3,4 dep 4
  A6-EHL A346 Etihad Airways ETD055/6 -
  I-NEOU B738 Neos DAH2060/1 -
  D-AHII A319 Hamburg International HHI528F/4394 -
  N938UW B752 US Airways AWE750/1 restart daily pax service on KPHL
03/04/2010 EC-JQP A320 Iberworld TCW656T/119F/514T/753F/6495/744P for TCW on 3,4,5, dep 5, +8,9,10,11,12, dep 12, +22,23, dep 23
  PH-HZL B738 Transavia JAF587/832 for JAF on 3,4,5, dep 5
  EI-DMJ B763 Neos JAF830/630 -
  PH-XRD B737 Transavia TRA1708/7 final winter season flight on LOWS
  TS-IPC A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 +24
  TC-JDL A343 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8/9/40 Star Alliance markings, +5
  TC-SGJ A333 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  CN-RNS B763 RAM RAM838/9 -
  N935UW B752 US Airways AWE750/1 f/v with Star Alliance markings
  VQ-BCG A320 Vladivostok Avia VLK1788 dep after mx
04/04/2010 TC-JNF A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  EK-32012 A319 Armavia RNV5151/2 mx
  CE-01 E135 Belgian AF - noted with new tail motive (like CS-TMT) i/s on 6
05/04/2010 ZH884 C30J RAF RRR5770 -
  D-AGPH F100 Contactair SWR780/1 Star Alliance markings
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR788/9 -
06/04/2010 '04' black AN30 Russia AF OSY33F open skies flights, dep 10
  85-0147 BE20 USAF ARGUS10 -
  D-AFKE F100 Contactair DLH4630/1 -
  ET-ALZ B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 +27
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +9,11,21,22,28,29
  D-CSWF SW4 OLT OLT160/1/6/7 f/c (ex Regional Air Express)
  N470JF AT43 Jefferson Financial Company N470JF a/w n/t, dep 8
  F-GYAQ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE881T/633T mx, dep 7
07/04/2010 HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  D-ADNA A319 Daimler Chrysler Aviation DCS530 n/t
08/04/2010 T.21-11 C295 Spanish AF AME3517 dep 9
  D-AHIN A319 Hamburg International HHI439F/4394/5/718F dep 9, 10, dep 10
  HB-JVC F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/2/3/8/9 +10,23
  LZ-HBG B463 Hemus Air LZB405/6 a/w n/t, +15
09/04/2010 A7-HHM A332 Qatar Amiri Flight QAF002 n/t, dep 12
  UP-B6701 B762 Kazakhstan Gvmt BEC001 dep 10
  N202UA B733 Magnolia N202UA dep 10 on del
  EI-EED B763 Blue Panorama JAF851P/2P for JAF on 9,10, dep 10
  ES-ABO B735 Estonian Air ELL177/8 a/w
10/04/2010 LZ-MDB A320 Air VIA TAR8422/3 -
  PH-HZD B738 Transavia JAF113/908 for JAF on 10,11, dep 11
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR782/3 -
  PH-AHX B763 Arkefly JAF007P/628P for JAF on 10,11,12, dep 12
11/04/2010 CS-TFZ A332 HiFly HFY465P/CSTFZ arr as backup for Belgian Air Force, n/t + small roundel in tail, dep 20
  MM62205 P180 Italian AF I2205 -
  EI-DOF B763 Neos NOS631/831 -
  SU-GCP B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c? +25
  TC-IZH A319 IZair PGT801/2 -
  4L-KMK B742 Eurex Cargo URX603/2 basic Nippon Cargo c/s n/t, dep 12, +25,28, dep 29
12/04/2010 MM62244 F900 Italian AF I22244 -
  MM62029 FA50 Italian AF I2029 -
  F-GYAR A321 Air Mediterranee BIE905F/449T mx, dep 13
13/04/2010 T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4572 -
  ET-ALY B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 -
14/04/2010 92-0375 GLF5 USAF SPAR75 -
  0216 AN28 Polish AF PLF125 -
  044 YK40 Polish AF PLF044/104 -
  PH-AHY B763 Arkefly JAF303P for JAF on 14,15
  VT-VJP A332 Kingfisher Airlines KFR001 fuel stop enroute VOBL-EGLL
  C-GTSD A310 Air Transat TSC152/3 start summer pax schedule on CYUL
  ES-ABP B735 Estonian Air ELL177/8 a/w
  OO-SSC A319 Brussels Airlines BEL9901 Star Alliance markings, arr EINN on del
15/04/2010 CS-TFM B772 Biman Bangladesh BBC007 div EGLL due to volcanic ash, dep 21
  N828MH B764 Delta Air Lines DAL10/9869 div EGLL due to volcanic ash, dep 20
  OK-YAC A310 CSA CSA6003 -
  OO-TCN A320 Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium - unveiled with Kim Clijsters sticker on LHS, i/s on 21
  OO-DJP RJ85 Brussels Airlines SN3140 last arrival 1632 local and airport closed due to volcanic ash
19/04/2010 OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TAY72P first arrival 1112 local after closure
20/04/2010 OO-SSC A319 Brussels Airlines BEL3621 Star Alliance markings, first commercial flight (on LFMN)
  CN-ROG B763 RAM RAM7218/9 -
  SU-GCS B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 Star Alliance markings, dep 21
  G-VIIL B772 British Airways BAW142 div EGLL due to volcanic ash
  G-CIVY B744 British Airways BAW138 div EGLL due to volcanic ash
  G-BYGC B744 British Airways BAW124 div EGLL due to volcanic ash, dep 21
  G-DHLG B763 DHL Air DHK971 div EGNX due to volcanic ash
  N807DH DC87 Astar Air Cargo DHL2968/9 DHL markings, dep 21
21/04/2010 5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF213 dep 22
  TC-ATA GLF4 Turkish Gvm TCATA -
  EC-III B738 Air Europa AEA844/5 -
  N14120 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 Star Alliance markings
  5A-ONG A332 Afriqyiah Airways AAW924/5 -
  CS-TQK A320 White JAF7052/113P/2114/052P +22
  OH-BLE MD90 Blue 1 BLF803/4 -
  ES-ABO B735 Estonian Air ELL177/8 f/v with Talinn 2011 stickers
  EC-KZG A320 Iberworld IWD245P/TCW669T/IWD6269/TCW864P dep 22, +23, dep 24
22/04/2010 YR-ABB B703 Romavia RMV1P -
  ZE700 B461 RAF RRR1906 -
  T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4516 dep 23
  292/F-RACC DHC6 French AF CTM1407 -
  D-ALEH B752 EAT Leipzig BCS6156/1731 DHL markings, ex OO-DPK
  I-LIVN A332 Livingstone Airlines BEL1207/9907 -
  OK-TVG B738 Travel Service TCW5865/585T -
  G-STRW B752 Astraeus TCW677T/617F basic Zoom Airlines c/s n/t, for TCW on 23, dep 23
  EC-LBC B752 Mint Airways TCW6427/TCX100P for TCW on 22,23, dep 23
  EC-LEQ A333 Iberworld JAF602/602P dep 23
  PH-HZN B738 Transavia TVF385/TRA092 for JAF on 23, dep 23
  D-AWBA B463 WDL WDL410P/410/1/1P a/w n/t, +25
  OH-BLD MD90 Blue 1 BLF801/2/3/4 +27(2x)
  JY-JAI B762 Jordan Aviation JAV1111/3676 Silverjet markings
  VT-JEK B77W Jet Aiwrays JAI227 -
23/04/2010 92-0375 GLF5 USAF FENDY13 -
  MM62029 FA50 Italian AF I2029 -
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4511 -
  D-AHIL A319 Hamburg International HHI286F/439F for TCW, dep 23
  EC-KXN B744 Pullmantur Air TCW7383/128T/1287/127F for TCW on 23, dep 23, +24, dep 24
  HA-LKE B738 Travel Service Hungary TCW7689/769F O2 c/s
  EC-LAQ A320 Iberworld TCW7653/654P -
  EC-IMU A320 Iberworld TCW1319/318P/5484/5/405F white, +30, dep 01/05
  EI-CZH B763 Blue Panorama Airlines JAF304/304P -
  TS-IEJ B733 Karthago Airlines LBT5164/516F -
  SU-GBY B772 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
  SP-LLK B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 f/c
24/04/2010 ZH882 C30J RAF RRR4712 -
  T.18-5 F900 Spanish AF AME4512 dep 25
  VP-BHM DC86 Brisair VPBHM n/t
  OK-TVG B738 Travel Service JAF133P/308P for JAF on 25,26, dep 26
  OK-CCC SF34 Job Air JBR500/1/2/600 Central Connect Airlines markings, +25
  LZ-HBC B462 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 white, +29
  OY-RJD CRJ1 Cimber Air SAS1593/4 -
25/04/2010 PH-HZC B738 Transavia JAF293/TRA093 for JAF on 25, dep 26
  TC-IZL A320 IZAir PGT801/2/3521/2 +30
  CN-ROW B763 RAM RAM838/9 -
  SP-LLF B734 LOT Charters LOT231/2 Centralwings c/s, dep 26
26/04/2010 04-4129 C17 USAF RCH518 -
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4519 -
  830500 GLF3 US Navy CATBRD1 dep 27
  LX-N20199 B703 NATO NATO45 arr mx
  VP-CME B762 Mid East Jet VPCME n/t, dep 27
  CN-RNT B763 RAM RAM838/9 -
  G-STRW B752 Astraeus AEA881/153 basic Zoom Airlines c/s n/t
  OY-RCB B462 Atlantic Airways FLI7852/3 white, dep 29
27/04/2010 T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4514 -
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4513 dep 28
  UP-T5401 T154 Kaz Air Jet KEJ6480/1 n/t, dep 28
  OY-RJJ CRJ1 Cimber Air CIM1711/9501 -
  TC-IZM A319 IZAir PGT801/2 -
28/04/2010 07-BLUE C27J Lithuanian AF LYF062 -
  5084 C160 German AF GAF059 -
  93/F-RAXL TBM7 French AF CTM0034/32 dep 29
  EC-LAJ A320 Iberworld IWD7307/8/TCW508T +29, for TCW on 30
  OO-TCR A320 Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium TCW111F arr EIDW
  OY-RJG CRJ1 Cimber Air CIM9502/1712 -
  D-ALEE B752 EAT Leipzig BCS7165/1297 DHL markings, ex OO-DPB
29/04/2010 LX-N19997 B703 NATO NATO45 dep after mx
  8T-CC C130 Austrian AF AUTAF81/2 -
  R160/61-ZZ C160 French AF CTM1251 -
  SU-GBS B772 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
  TS-IEG B733 Karthago Airlines LBT749P arr mx
  SP-MRC SF34 Skytaxi IGA741/2 -
  F-GMLI MD83 Blue Line BLE528P/824 -
  9A-CDC MD82 Dubrovnik Airline DBK715 -
  G-STRN B737 Astraeus AEU503P/882 Iceland Express markings
  OK-TVM B738 Travel Service JAF323P/115P for JAF on 30, dep 02/05
30/04/2010 D-AHII A319 Hamburg International HHI4395/435F -
  OK-TVD B738 Travel Service JAF357P basic 70th anniversary Prague airport c/s, for JAF on 30
  I-LIVM A332 Livingstone Airlines BEL9904/483/4/9903 for BEL on 30 + 01/05, dep 01/05


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

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