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Weather station Kampenhout

Description of the wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 with fan running on solar energy 24 hours daily.

Located 17 meters above mean sea level, this automatic station became operational on January 1 2012 and is positioned centrally in Kampenhout, a Belgian village with around 10.000 habitants but still having a rural character. The station is attached on a pole with its temperature sensor at 1,5 meter height and a ventilation system tries to prevent as much as possible the potentially green house effect of the garden. The station stands in a terrain with short cut grass and on its SW side some houses and rows/bushes of high trees are at a distance of 30 to 50 meters. These trees have a height of over 15 meter resulting in very long shadows reaching the stations position during the afternoon of the winter season. Most of the nearby trees were cut during 2018, the last one in 2020, leaving the ones left 100m from the stations location. On its NE side there is an open field with the closest buildings over 500 meters away. Till January 12 2012 the wind meter was attached to the station (picture on left), but was afterwards moved on top of a construction of around 8 meters height (picture on right). However, when the wind blows from the SSW to WNW, it still weakens in force due to the high trees in that direction.

The station observes besides the temperature also humidity, pressure, wind, solar radiation and amount of precipitation. In case of wintry precipitation, a small heater near the rain collector can be activated without interference on the temperature. The software to visualize and upload to my web on the internet is Weatherlink. A laptop is running 24 hours and uploads every 5 minutes new information. On the laptop self the interval time to collect data is set to 1 minute, thus detecting every small change in weather. These database records (or part of it) are freely available on everybody's request.

Closest official recording station is Brussels Airport with their sensors 5,5 km away from this stations sensors.