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Boeing 747-4HA(ERF) (35236)


Date: 06/2010

Location: CDG/LFPG

Photo: Christian Volpati

Description: the fouth (and final) factory fresh Boeing 747 freighter for TNT Airways arrived at Liège on February 12 2008. It wears the full Emirates livery as part of a ten year lease. In December 2017 it was ferried to Xiamen where is was resprayed in all white markings, it became again operational with ASL Airlines since May 2018 although Cargolux was to become the next operator and it was even temporary for a few months re-registered "LX-LCL" between March 16 and May 3 2018. On May 10 2019 it arrived at Liège after performing its final duty and three days later it was ferried to Schiphol where it was delivered to Cargolux, being cancelled to them as "LX-LCL"' on May 28.


Belgian register