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Airbus Industrie A319-112 (1305)


Date: 09/2000

Location: DUS/EDDL

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: tenth A319 of Sabena arrived at Zurich on September 1 2000. Next day it became operational for one month for Swiss due to shortage of one of their Airbuses. With Sabena, it carried only one color scheme and remained active till one day before the carriers demise on November 7 2001.

Date: 03/2002

Location: TLS/LFBO

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: it was cancelled to France as "F-WQQG" on February 20 2002 and was shortly afterwards ferried to Toulouse on March 3 2002 for further storage, such depicted after its arrival overthere still in full Sabena colors. Ferried such to St. John's International Airport on November 11 2002, the colors were neutralised to all white by January 2003.


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