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OO-SQA (ntu)


Promavia F.1300 Jet Squalus (002)


Date: 02/09/1986

Location: FAB/EGLF

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this was the second prototype of a unique aircraft which officially never came in the Belgian register designed and developed by Italian engineer Stelio Frati. It was derived from the Procaer F.400 Cobra but with jet engines, here seen at the Farnborough Air Show of 1986 in a static appearance with at that time an unofficial Belgian registration "OO-SQA". In fact it never flew and carried later also other unofficial registrations like "OO-JET" and "OO-SQL" for display at different locations. It even did wear the markings of Sabena which was unaware of this move and as a result Sabena decided to withdraw their interest which had a negative impact on further ongoing potential sales. Check also the story of the 'real' OO-SQA.


Belgian register