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Piper PA.18-95 Super Cub (18-2060)


Date: late 60's

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage 1952 build Piper (ex USAAF and ex Royal Netherlands Air Force) came on March 8 1968 in the register for Aéro Para Club de Spa, originally established in 1908 as Aéro-club Liège-Spa on the plateau of Malchamps, just south of Spa airfield. After WW II it was in October 1945 renamed to its current name and obtaining the Royal title in 1976. Here seen somewhere in the late sixties at Antwerp airport in a camouflage outfit of the previous owner and without titles but carrying serial "52-2460" in the tail. The airframe itself was severely damaged on June 6 1975 during touch & go exercises, luckely without harm for the student pilot on board and was afterwards withdrawn from use being cancelled from the register on April 13 1977.

Date: 11/08/2007

Location: -/EBDT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: after been in restoration since 1995 at Brasschaat airfield it re-entered on September 2 1997 the register for Aeroclub van Brasschaat. Here depicted a month before this occured wearing a camouflage outfit of the Belgian Air Force with fake serial OL-L47 (see also the story with the real ex Belgian Air Force Piper OL-147, now OO-ATY). On July 18 2022 the new private owner became T. Cuypers based at Antwerp airport and is still current.


Belgian register