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Douglas C-47B-25-DK Skytrain (32664)


Date: 06/07/1967

Location: -/EBMB

Photo: Guy Viselé via collection Skystef

Description: from late 1952 on, this airframe was 23 years active for the Belgian (Civil) Aviation Authority.

Date: 1977

Location: -/EBFN

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: it was laid up at Koksijde for 2 years from April 18 1975 onwards in these markings without tail logo and registration. On March 9 1977, it was cancelled to Egypt as "SU-AZN", but ended up flying for Petrangol, an Angolian company, leaving Koksijde for Angola on October 22 1977 via Wevelgem (maintenance) and Brussels.


Belgian register