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 Reims/Cessna F.172N (F172-01773)


Date: 06/1981

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna (build by Reims) was on December 7 1978 registered to Hessenatie-Neptunus, but after a merger with Sotramat Aviation later that month on December 18, it became Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation and arrived at Antwerp airport on February 9 1979. Here captured at its home base in its full livery without titles. On November 7 1983 it went to Belgian Flight Center based at Antwerp airport and on February 14 1985 to MS Color based at Grimbergen airfield. On March 23 1989 it moved on to a private user (J. Claes) based at Goetsenhoven Air Base. Later on October 25 1991 it moved on a trio private owners (P. Vermeiren, S. Mathieux & C. Pessendorffer) based at Grimbergen airfield. On August 26 1996 it went to private user (P. Lejeune) basing it at Namur airport and on October 29 1998 to another one (M. Smets), Zwartberg airfield. On May 3 2001 it migrated to Aero Kiewit based at Kiewit airfield. On August 20 2013 it was cancelled from the register migrating to the American one as "N246TB" but remained in Belgium with International Air Services (of M. Fabry).


Belgian register