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Reims/Cessna FA.150K Aerobat (FA150-0079)


Date: 1985

Location: OST/EBOS

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna (build by Reims) was on October 2 1970 registered to Belgian Aero Company, established on April 4 1970 and based at Ostend airport. In August 1976 it migrated to Merlin Air Trade, an air taxi operator which was established on November 23 1972 and also based at Ostend airport. In 1981 it moved on to Constructa pvda, same airport, here seen such at its home base in a livery without titles. From September 30 1986 onwards it had a trio private owners (D. Nolf, J. Crick & E. Bloemen) all based Ostend airport and each at separate moments in time (the two last ones respectively on December 21 1989 & on July 7 1995) and since January 30 2001 it's current with Econ, still based Ostend airport.


Belgian register