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Morane-Saulnier MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180 (10650)


Date: 80's

Location: -/EBKH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Morane-Saulnier was on September 23 1966 registered to a private user (D. Rebry) referring to its regi and based at Moorsele airfield. On September 30 1967 it went to Flanders Aviation, established on June 15 1967 and based at Wevelgem airport. In early 1978 it went to Pat-Aero, established on March 4 1972 and based at Hoevenen airfield. A year later, by December 1979, it moved on to the Kempische Aero Club, established on January 6 1972 and located at Weelde Air Base, here depicted such in a livery without titles (which wasn't changed since it came in the register back in 1966). On May 15 1999 it left its home base for Hungary for an onwards sale to a private user there, was cancelled from the register two months later, namey on July 14, and became "HA-VED".


Belgian register