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Piper PA 32R-300 Cherokee Lance (32R-7680031)


Date: 11/1976

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Piper was on February 19 1976 registered to New European Air Service (N.E.A.S.) which was a Piper dealer for Europe. Half a year later on August 11 it went to a private user (J. Peeters) basing the airframe at Balen-Keiheuvel airport, here depicted such in a livery (of the previous user) without titles when visiting Antwerp airport.

Date: 27/05/1989

Location: -/EBKH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: later in 1976 it went to the local flying club Air Kei. On December 21 1984 it went to a couple private users (A. Smits & R. Jonckers) basing the airframe at Brasschaat airfield. On April 11 1987 it went to another couple of private users (M. Van De Kerckhove & L. Vyncke) basing the aircraft at Ursel Air Base, here depicted such in an updated livery without titles. On January 24 1994 it moved on to a new private user (A. Gevaert), also based at Ursel Air Base and on April 29 1999 it went to SWAP nv based at Antwerp airport. After several years of storage at Antwerp airport it was ferried in 2014 to Zwartberg airfield for further storage / maintenance inside a hangar of Smets Aviation Service and on September 2 2016 it officially moved to him (M. Smets) based at Kiewit airfield. On November 13 2023 it went to another private user (M. Fabry) for a resale to Türkiye and left to its new owner in March 2024. 


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