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Grob G.115A (8068)


Date: 19/08/1989

Location: OST/EBOS

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Grob 115 came in the register on July 3 1989 for the Noordzee Vliegclub based at Ostend airport, but the first ten days it was registered "OO-XZD". Here seen at its home base after been re-registered and in a livery inhereted from its previous British operator and without titles. Later the logo of the club was added on the tail. It was severely damaged at Saint-Ghislain airfield on January 3 1995 during an emergency landing but with no casualties of the two occupants on board. It was never repaired and on June 11 2004 reserved as "OH-XGA" for private users P. Arola & B. Björnklund and seen on a trailer on a ferryboat between Germany and Denmark heading for Finland were the trail of this airframe ends. It was cancelled from the Belgian register on October 15 2012.


Belgian register