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Morane-Saulnier MS.880B Rallye Club (2253)


Date: late 70's

Location: -/EBGT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Morane-Saulnier was registered on April 28 1976 to a private user (M. Meuleman) basing its aircraft at Moorsele airfield. Here such with also a logo of Aero Nord Flying School in the tail (see also upper left inset). In 1981 it moved to another private user (O. De Loof) basing it at Ursel Air Base and ultimate on December 2 1987 it went to Vliegclub Ursel (established on October 27 1978). From 1989 onwards it was laid up at Ursel Air Base and used for spares (like for repairs on OO-GYS) and in 1993 sold to the United Kingdom also for spares, later in 1999 seen at Maybole-Grimmet (U.K.) in poor condition. On May 4 2020 it was cancelled from the register.


Belgian register