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Boisavia B.601L Mercurey (22)


Date: 02/1980

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Boisavia was registered on September 13 1961 to a couple private users (R. Dursin & H. Ooms) basing their aircraft at Antwerp airport, here seen such in a livery without titles. On November 6 1980 its CofA did expire while in storage inside a hangar at Antwerp airport whereby a few years later it also (unofficially) moved to a private user (F. Dassen). After restoration it made again a local flight on August 18 1988 and later that year, on November 28, it migrated to the Royal Antwerp Aviation Club. After been hardly used by this club it was for sale since January 1991 and went afterwards on May 5 1992 to Publi-Air based at Namur airport but during the first years it didn't fly much as it was again under restoration. On July 23 2009 it went to a private user (M. Uyttendaele), based at Namur airport and the airframe was from May 2014 onwards again seen in storage (at Namur airport). On March 14 2022 it left for France and was cancelled from the register on April 7 of the following month. On June 22 2022 it was registered "F-BHVH" for a trio private owners: Arnaud Daix, Jérôme Delarive and Rémy Petri.


Belgian register