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Piper PA.18-135 Super Cub (18-1633)


Date: 01/09/1984

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: build in 1961, this second hand Piper was registered on October 3 1968 as "OO-HNH" for a private user (F. Vanderstraeten) which based its aircraft at Moorsele airfield. On June 28 1972 it was re-registered to the Kortrijk Flying Club (established November 29 1969), migrating in 1976 to a private user (M. Gravemaeker) which based its aircraft at Oud-Turnhout airfield. On April 21 1981 it went to a private user (G. Styl) which based its aircraft at Antwerp airport and used by its company Styl Aviation (officially established on March 14 1985) for bannertowing, here seen such at its home base. In 1987 it was leased to Tesoro Aviation (of the Netherlands) whereby on October 16 1987 it was damaged beyond repair in gale force winds when parked at Rotterdam airport. Afterwards some parts were used to rebuild "OO-BMS" while the rest of the remains were sold to the USA. Much later, on December 5 2019, it was officially cancelled from the register.


Belgian register