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Grumman American AA-1C Lynx (AA1C-0118)


Date: 11/06/1978

Location: -/EBMO

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Grumman was on June 6 1978 registered to Abelag Aviation, established in 1964 and basing this airframe at Grimbergen airfield, here seen in a camouflage outfit without titles. On May 13 1979 it was seen stored at Grimbergen airfield being for sale and later that year, on October 24, it migrated as "OO-PMC" to a private user (P. Delisse) based at Charleroi airport. This owner had little joy as a month later on November 30 1979 it crashed at Fleurus near Charleroi airport and was cancelled from the register on Februay 4 1980.


Belgian register