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Piper PA.18-135 Super Cub (18-3131)


Date: 1983

Location: -/EBKH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: build in 1953, this second hand Piper (ex USAAF & ex Belgian Air Force "OL-L57") was registered on July 15 1963 to Cogea Nouvelle based at Ostend airport. Two months later on September 19 it went to Aeroclub Keiheuvel, established on October 18 1956 and based at Balen-Keiheuvel airport, here seen such at its home base in a livery without titles. On July 1 1987 it went to a couple private users (R. Van Sandt & M. Aerts), same airfield. Half a year later on February 9 it migrated to another private user (G. Styl) basing the Piper at Antwerp airport. On August 31 1994 it moved on to another private user (J. Schatteman) basing it at St-Hubert airfield whereby it was repainted in the Belgian Air Force livery as "L-57". Later on August 2 2001 it moved to D & B Flight Center retaining the same Belgian Air Force livery basing the Piper at Antwerp airport. On February 28 2003 it left Antwerp airport for Midden-Zeeland airfield and was cancelled from the register on April 7 2003. The same month on the 28th it went to a Dutch private user J. Van Peppen as "PH-LRM" and the military outfit was preserved till at least 2012.  


Belgian register