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Gulfstream American AA-5B Tiger (AA5B-0971)


Date: 07/1980

Location: -/EBGT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Gulfstream American Tiger was registered on December 13 1978 to Rent & Travel Center as "OO-HRD" based at Amougies airfield, a registration that ultimate was not taken up. Instead it moved on March 13 1979 to Vlaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij as "OO-GAZ" based at Ghent airfield but operated by Ghent Flying Club (established on March 6 1971), here depicted such with tiny titles of the club (see also upper left inset). After Ghent airfield closed its doors on December 31 1984, it migrated to a private user (A. Everaert) basing its aircraft at Wevelgem airport, retaining the same outfit but without the titles. After a long stay of 27 years with him, it was on September 23 2011 cancelled from the register in favor of the German one as "D-ETGR" still in the same outfit for a private user.


Belgian register