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Piper PA.34-200T Seneca II (34-7770135)


Date: 10/1979

Location: -/EBGT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Piper was on March 10 1977 registered as "OO-HCC" to New European Air Services (N.E.A.S.) which was a Piper dealer for Europe. Via Locatrans it went on September 15 1977 as "OO-FLE" to Omni-Flight, a flight school established on October 1 1976 and based at Ghent airfield. Here it's seen such at its home base carrying a livery with tail titles (see also upper left inset).

Date: 07/1981

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: on October 7 1981 it was (again via Locatrans) leased to Flanair, a small company for air baptisements based at Ghent airfield and later Wevelgem airport. Here seen such when making a visit to Antwerp airport in the same livery but with small "Flanair" tail titles in the back above the cheatline (see also upper left inset). In 1984 a blue livery was adopted.

Date: 03/1989

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: on April 10 1989 it migrated to MIC Industries initially based at Ostend and later Amougies but during the winter season operated from Antwerp airport by Sky-Service, here seen in the same blue livery with small "MIC" titles in the back above the cheatline (see also upper left inset). From August 1991 onwards it was put for sale.

Date: 10/03/1997

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: seen in updated colors without titles but baptised "White Eagle". On May 8 2000 it migrated to White Wings Europe based at Antwerp airport which went bankrupt  on March 30 2007, afterwards the airframe was stored at its home base. On November 3 2009 it was cancelled from the register, being four days later transported by road to Lelystad (the Netherlands). On November 9 it came in the Dutch register as "PH-HNM" for KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants BV. It was supposed to be restored to flying status but in March 2014 is was still seen disassembled inside a hangar at Lelystad and the Dutch registration was again cancelled on May 1 2014, never receiving a CofA.


Belgian register