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de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (85873)


Date: 60's

Location: -/EBDT (?)

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage 1942 build Tiger Moth (ex RAF & ex Belgian Air Force "T-1") came on November 24 1958 in the Belgian register for Centre National de Vol Voile (CNVV), established in 1950 and initially based Namur airport but moving in 1955 to St Hubert airfield. From spring 1959 the airframe was based at Schaffen airfield when on lease to the Diest Aero-Club (D.A.C.) and here it's probable pictured such when on loan to D.A.C. in a livery without titles. With this club it had an accident at its home base on June 23 1963 when unreleased tow-rope snagged pole or gate on landing but was repaired afterwards. It was probable also for a short period leased to Aeroclub Keiheuvel where it had on May 31 1966 a minor accident due to fuel shortage near Keiheuvel airfield. Later, while stored at Schaffen airfield, its CofA did expire on August 4 1967 whereby it was used for spares to keep another Tiger Moth of them OO-EVE in the air. Afterwards, in the summer of 1972, the 'remains' were seen laid up at St Hubert airfield and on April 5 1977 it was cancelled from the register. Late seventies some parts were transferred to the Royal Army Museum being laid up at the military depot of Vissenaken (Belgium), later by 2017 in Landen (Belgium).


Belgian register