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Cessna 182B (51584)


Date: 1975

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage 1959 build Cessna was registered on October 3 1961 to private user André Ganshof van der Meersch which was founder of Abelag Aviation in 1964 and it migrated as first airframe to his company on April 30 1964. Abelag itself was an abbreviation of Association belge d'Aviation Générale. Here it's seen in the mid seventies, at the begin the registration was put in the tail, but here seen placed on the back of the fuselage and most probable it never carried "Abelag" titles. This particular airframe went in 1977 to Vlaamse Liga van Paraclubs (based at Oud-Turnhout airfield, later Amougies airfield). Later in 1980 it migrated to a trio private owners (B. Gillain, F. Gillis & J. Decoux, based at Namur airport). After a period of storage it was in 1998 refurbished receiving also a new livery and ending its Belgian career with Para Club de Namur also based at Namur airport. It left in January 2002 to Goma (D.R. Congo) and was cancelled on June 3 2002 to a private user in Rwanda as "9XR-CS".


Belgian register