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Piper L-4H Cub (13128)


Date: late 60's

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage 1944 build Piper (ex USAAF) came in the Belgian register on January 23 1947 for state company Regie der Luchtwegen / Régie des Voies Aériennes (RLW / RVA) which was formed on November 20 1946 for the management / equipment of nine Belgian civil airfields and the management of civil aviation. The piper was based at Grimbergen airfield for pleasure flights or even cheap flying lessons for the employees of the company at that moment. In the depicted view between the wing and fuselage a second Piper of them with appropriate registration OO-RVA is seen in a white livery (although earlier it did carry red colors). After a period of storage whereby its CofA expired, it was cancelled from the register on June  6 1970 with the fuselage remaining stored in a hangar at Grimbergen airfield. Later it was obtained by the Brussels Air Museum and was since June 25 2006 stored at their military depot at Vissenaken (Belgium), later by 2017 moved to another depot at Landen (Belgium).


Belgian register