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Cessna 120 (13872)


Date: 08/1976

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna came on August 12 1947 in the Belgian register for Association Continentale Aéronautique (refers to its regi) and based at Grimbergen airfield. Two years later, on December 7 1949 it migrated to Aquastra based at Antwerp airport. On November 9 1951 it went to a private owner (A. De Backer), basing it at Grimbergen airfield. On April 24 1959 another private owner followed (J. Engelen), same home base. On August 2 1960 it went to the Golden River Aviation Club based at Wevelgem airport. On July 26 1967 it migrated to the Beerse Vleugels based at Beerse airfield, on February 18 1969 followed by private user (A. Coesens) basing it at Ghent airfield. On March 28 1972 it moved on to A. Schaele (Ghent airfield), on Februay 20 1973 to R. De Bruyne (Ostend airport) and is here seen such in a bright livery with a tail logo of the Noordzee Vliegclub (see upper right inset). On April 12 1977 the last Belgian operator was G. Titeca & J. Martele (Moorsele airfield), retaining the same livery with tail logo. On August 20 1981 it was cancelled from the register migrating a few weeks later on September 3 to England as "G-JOLY" for private users John Alfred Baker & Graham Edward Baker, still in the same outfit.


Belgian register