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Cessna 182D (182-53067)


Date: mid 70's

Location: -

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh airframe, one of the earliest Cessna imported in Belgium, came in the register on February 7 1961 for a private user (E. Borel) based at Brussels Airport. After been with another couple of private users (L. Fenaux & F. Eelbode), both based Wevelgem airport, it went in 1973 to the latter ones Ostend airport based company Velbo, here seen such with "Velbo" titles taken at an unknown location. In 1976 it migrated further to another Ostend airport based company named Merlin Air Trade. On May 27 1981 it was cancelled from the register moving afterwards on June 9 of the same year to England as "G-JOON" for a private user John Michael Allen.


Belgian register