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Auster J/2 Arrow (2375)


Date: late 60's

Location: KJK/EBKT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Auster Arrow was registered on April 9 1947 to a private user (A. Bauwens) of Brussels. In March 1949 it migrated to Centre National d'Aviation whereby on August 2 1953 it had an accident on landing at Ghent airfield, but was repairable. On October 25 1957 it went to Zoute Aviation Club, established on December 27 1953 and based at Wevelgem airport, here seen such at its home base in a livery without titles.

Date: 1984

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: on April 29 1982 it went to a private user (R. Lefevre) based at Wevelgem airport. On March 15 1984 it went to another private user (P. Morsink) basing its aircraft at Grimbergen airfield, here seen seen at its new home base in the same livery and in the tail a tiny logo of Vliegclub Grimbergen to which this airframe was at disposal. Its CofA did expire on May 29 1992 whereby it was laid up at the private property of the owner at Beersel (Belgium). On March 20 2001 it was cancelled from the register after been sold to another Belgian owner (Y. Dumontier) ending the trace for this airfarme.


Belgian register