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Auster J/1 Autocrat (2047)


Date: 50/60's

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: Willy Henderickx

Description: this vintage 1944 build Auster Autocrat arrived as brand new airframe at Brussels on July 23 1946, came a few weeks later officially in the Belgian register on August 6 and was to be operated by Section Sportive et de Tourisme Aérien (S.S.T.A.) based at Grimbergen airfield which was formed on September 11 1946. It became on April 17 1954 a non-profit association (changing in 1985 its name to Sabena Aéro Club), here it's seen at its home base in a 'metallic' livery without titles. After been stored for a while it was cancelled from the register on August 4 1970 and ended up at the Brussels Air Museum. In 2005 the fuselage was seen at the military depot at Vissenaken (Belgium), later in 2008 seen at the Winter 1944 Museum at Borlo-Gingelom (Belgium). In the back of this picture another Auster Autocrat is visible "OO-ABM" which belonged to Christiane Devleminck on behalf of Devleminck Air Services (DAS), a flight school based at Grimbergen airfield.


Belgian register