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Boeing 737-4M0(SF) (29208)


Date: 13/03/2024

Location: LGG/EBLG

Photo: Skystef

Description: this second hand airframe of TNT Airways arrived at Liège on December 12 2011 in their full livery as "OE-IAR", was intended to become "OO-TNT" which was ultimate not taken up. Later on January 24 2017 the corporate identity was changed to ASL Airlines Belgium and it adopted Fedex colors when at the paintshop in Talinn between September 14 - 20 2017. It made its final commercial flight on December 30 2022 and was three days later ferried from Paris (CDG) to Woensdrecht for storage. On August 4 2023 it was ferried to Sofia for further storage and returned to Liège on January 15 2024 in all white markings without titles as depicted and is currently still stored at Liège. 


Belgian register