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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/06/2011 MM62205 P180 Italian AF I2205 dep 2
  YU-BRZ LJ31 Serbia Gvmt YUBRZ dep 2
  4589/61-PN C130 French AF OSY19T open skies sticker
  CS-TEI A310 HiFly HFY630/1/TCV028P mil, basic Oman Air c/s, n/t, dep, +3 dep 4, +7 dep 8, +10 dep 11, +13 dep 15, +17 dep 18
  VP-CME B762 Mid East Jet VPCME dep
  F-HJUL B738 XL Airways France XLF830 dep
  OO-LTM B733 Korongo Airlines BELXXXX daily for BEL
  PH-AHX B763 Arkefly JAF208P dep JAF
  SP-LLG B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s, +29
  EC-LHL B752 Mint Airways JAF908P/057P/8P for JAF on 1, dep 1, +5
  HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 +6,9,19
  F-GYAP A321 Air Mediterranee BIE963T dep after mx
02/06/2011 044 YK40 Polish AF PLF037 dep 3
  D-ALIE E170 Cirrus Airlines RUS7170/4002/4106/7026 +6
  S5-AAT A320 Adria Airways CTN7456/7 f/v with retro c/s
  S5-ABV B734 Solinair RGN9040/1 Layonair markings, start 3x/week cargo schedule on LEMD for IBE
  OO-JBG B738 Jetairfly JAF161 first commercial flight (after lease CanJet)
  F-GIXI B733 Europe Airpost FPO283A -
  TF-FIP B752 Icelandair TF-FIP start summer pax schedule on BIKF (4x/week)
  C-GFAF A333 Air Canada ACA832/3 start upgrade on CYUL
03/06/2011 EC-LAV B734 AlbaStar JAF357P/5357/8/358P -
  A7-AEN A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  OO-TNF B733 TNT Airways TAY930E Jet2 markings, test flight
  OO-TNA B733 TNT Airways TAY940E test flight, +4
  OO-TAH B463 TNT Airways TAY954E mx, dep 19
  OO-TCN A320 Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium TCW472D/73D unveiled with K3 stickers on LHS, i/s from 3 on
04/06/2011 TC-JNJ A333 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8/9/40 +5,19
  OO-TNA B733 TNT Airways TAY840E dep after mx
  EC-FVY B462 Panair TAY921E TNT markings, dep after mx
05/06/2011 G-ZAPW B733 Titan Airways AWC24Y/24A n/t
  PH-AHX B763 Arkefly JAF293P/293/4 for JAF on 5,6, dep 6
  ET-AMU B752 Etiopian Airlines ETH704/5 -
  G-EZKD B737 easyJet Airline EZY4095/6 +12,19
  LY-SKA B733 Aurela Airlines JAF113P/164P for JAF on 5,6, dep 6
  OO-JAP B763 Jetairfly JAF777 arr RCTP after mx and winglet fitting, i/s from 6 on
  OO-DJL RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL2177 reactivated from 5 onwards
06/06/2011 9A-CRO CL60 Croatia Gvmt 9ACRO dep 8
  YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA dep 7
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/8/9 +12,22,29,30
  OO-DJX RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9911 dep EGNX for painting in f/c
07/06/2011 07-7187 C17 USAF RCH503 dep 10
  73-1676 B742 USAF EDGE75 dep 11
  128/62-IK CN35 French AF CTM2030 -
  A7-AAM GLEX Qatar Amiri Flight QAF006 dep 8
  HB-JVH F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/6/7 +13,20,21,29
08/06/2011 02-0042 B737 USAF SPAR87 dep 9
  95-0124 C560 USAF DUKE43 dep 9
  RA-85155 T154 Russia AF AFL9006 -
  1204 CL60 German AF GAF671 2x
  5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF05C dep 9
  135L-484 E135 Hellenic AF HAF352E -
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4574 dep 9
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I2243 -
  2506 AN26 Slovak AF SQF2506 dep 9
  ZE396 H25B RAF RRR1140 -
  A7-AEI A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 +14,15,24,27
  OO-VLI F50 CityJet VLM827/827F -
  OO-TNL B734 TNT Airways TAY45L/45D div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TAY31W/31D div EBLG due to fog
  OO-TNH B733 TNT Airways TAY562C/562D div EBLG due to fog
09/06/2011 MM62243 A319 Italian AF I2243 -
  1022 A310 German AF GAF817 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF08 -
  ZD620 H25B RAF RRR1266 -
  YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA dep 10
  F-GIXD B733 Europe Airpost FPO284A -
  OM-VRC AT72 Danube Wings VPA9001/906P -
  SP-MRK SF34 SkyTaxi IGA702/3 -
10/06/2011 ZD703 H25B RAF RRR1423 -
  A7-AEF A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  TC-JNC A332 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  ET-ALZ B752 Etiopian Airlines ETH704/5 +12,16
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-Air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 basic British Airways markings, n/t, +10
  SP-LLF B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s
11/06/2011 HB-SIA ULAC Solar Impulse HBSIA dep LFPB but enroute returned due to too low solar power
12/06/2011 7T-VPS GLF4 Algerian Gvmt 7TVPS -
  OH-AFI B752 Air Finland ICE556/7 -
13/06/2011 TC-JNL A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  OO-DJX RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9912 arr EGNX after painting in f/c
14/06/2011 MM62209 A319 Italian AF I2209 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF08 dep 15
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4506 dep 15
  1205 CL60 German AF GAF607 -
  78/F-RAFJ FA50 French AF CTM0007 -
  2/F-RAFP F900 French AF CTM0014 -
  240/F-RARF A332 French AF CTM0001 -
  4589/61-PN C130 French AF OSY19T open skies sticker
  SP-LIG E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7027/8 dep 15
  N7600K B737 SAS Institute E5095 n/t, dep 16
  D-AXLF B738 XL Airways Germany JAF711P a/w n/t, for JAF on 14,15, dep 15
  OO-MJE B462 Korongo Airlines BEL3597/8 reactivated for BEL, +20
  JY-AGR A310 Royal Jordanian RJA1136 final cargo flight to OJAI (from KJFK)
  HB-SIA ULAC Solar Impulse HBSIA dep LFPB
15/06/2011 013 C295 Polish AF PLF055 -
  016 C295 Polish AF PLF057 dep 16
  YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA -
  F-GYAR A321 Air Mediterranee BIE950T mx, dep 16
  A7-AEO A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 +22
  EI-DJL B763 Blue Panorama Airlines BEL9926/7 for BEL on 15,16,16, dep 17
  N416BC B734 Boeing Capital Corp SERDAR Solitaire Air markings with additional Al Naser Airlines titles, fuel stop on return lessor, dep 16
  VP-BRB A320 Vladivostok Avia VLK1787/8 mx, dep 18
  OO-DJK RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9902 basic c/s, n/t, arr LRBC and stored
16/06/2011 D-ABCC A321 Air Berlin BER140F/1401 -
  114/62-IJ CN35 French AF CTM3910 2x
  01 GLF5 US Coast Guard C101 dep 17
  HB-JVI F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  OY-JTA B733 Jettime BLF803/4 -
17/06/2011 05-0730 B737 USAF SPAR20/2 dep 21
  9A-CRO CL60 Croatia Gvmt 9ACRO -
19/06/2011 081/F-RAJB A343 French AF CTM1071 -
  5090 C160 German AF GAF141 -
20/06/2011 678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678/352B dep 21
  MM62201 P180 Italian AF I2201 -
  LX-N20199 B703 NATO NATO48 mx, dep 27
  OE-LNK B738 Lauda Air AUA355/6 -
  OH-AFL B752 Air Finland JOR123/4 Allegiant Air c/s, n/t
21/06/2011 69-036 C160 Turkish AF TUAF706 -
  4K-AI01 B763 Azerbaijan Gvmt AHY6731 dep 23
  G-MAJF JS41 Eastern Airways EZE868P/1868/9/869P dep 22, +22, dep 23
22/06/2011 01 GLF5 US Coast Guard C101 dep 23
  YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA dep 23
  4L-GAF GLF4 Georgian National Airlines TGZ1601/2 n/t, f/v, dep 23
  EC-LEY MD83 Swiftair JOR123/4 white
  F-GYAJ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE872T/490T mx
  TC-JNK A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
23/06/2011 745 C130 Hellenic AF HAF356B/OST23T dep 24 (with open skies sticker)
  678 GLF4 Hellenic AF HAF352B dep 24
  3085 A319 Czech AF CEF02 dep 24
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I9002 dep 24
  1601 A343 German AF GAF602 dep 24
  240/F-RARF A332 French AF CTM0001 dep 24
  2/F-RAFP F900 French AF CTM0003 -
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251V dep 24
  09-0525 GLF5 USAF S960 -
  C-080 CL60 Danish AF DAF002 dep 24
  08-BLUE C27J Lithuanian AF LYF066 dep 24
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 dep 24
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4518 dep 24
  YR-LCB A310 Romania ROT8835/6 Tarom c/s, dep 24
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Malta Gvmt JLN101 dep 24
  OM-BYO T154 Slovak Gvmt SSG002 dep 24
  9A-CRO CL60 Croatia Gvmt 9ACRO dep 24
  SP-LIG E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7017/8 dep 24
  I-ADJL E190 Air Dolomiti DLH2282/3 -
  D-AGPK F100 Contactair SWR786/7 Star Alliance markings
24/06/2011 06-8611 C30J USAF HKY674 2x
  4/F-RAFQ F900 French AF CTM0014 -
  ZE700 B461 RAF NOR18/KRF16 -
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD -
  A7-AEB A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  CN-ROV B763 RAM RAM830F/1F +30
  C-GHLM A333 Air Canada ACA832/3 f/v with Star Alliance markings
  OO-DJK RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9901 basic c/s, n/t  test flight
25/06/2011 D-AFKA F100 Contact Air SWR786/7 Star Alliance markings
  OO-JAH B738 Jetairfly JAF666 arr on del in f/c (from KBFI via BIKF)
  OO-TNF B733 Jet2 OOTNF dep on del (to EGSH)
26/06/2011 05-0932 B737 USAF SPAR16 dep 27
  9K-AKD A320 State of Kuwait KAC020 dep 27
  G-CGMB E135 Eastern Airways EZE1735/6 dep 28
  TC-JNH A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  G-EZKC B737 easyJet Airline EZY4095/6 -
27/06/2011 05-0932 B737 USAF SPAR16 dep 29
  114/62-IJ CN35 French AF CTM3904 -
  OO-JAH B738 Jetairfly JAF507 first commercial flight (on LGRP)
  CN-RPC B734 Jet4you JFU350/111 mx, dep 30
  PH-HZG B738 Transavia JAF163/1163/4/164 -
  A7-AEF A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  EC-HCH SW4 Aeronova OVA61D/62D -
  EC-JCU SW4 Aeronova OVA51B/52B -
28/06/2011 F-GZCH A332 Air France AFR372V/4V dep 30
  ET-AKC B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH708/9 start downgrade (via LIMC)
  SP-MRB SF34 Sky Taxi IGA762/4/5 +29, dep 29
29/06/2011 EI-CXO B763 Blue Panorama Airlines BEL9901/2 for BEL on 29,30, dep 30
  D-CCAS SH36 Nightexpress EXT530/1 -
  02-0203 B737 USAF BOXER43 -
  146/65-XR TBM7 French AF CTM3841 -
  A7-AEA A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  TC-JND A332 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  OO-TNH B733 TNT Airways TAY19H/19D -
  UR-CAG AN12 Meridian MEM4070/1 n/t
  D-ANFC AT72 Avanti Air ATV1C/2C/3C/4C +30
30/06/2011 MM62159 P180 Italian AF PERSEO/I2159 dep 01/07
  A7-AEE A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  TC-JNI A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  EC-HJH B462 Panair TAY925E arr mx, TNT Airways markings


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; b/u=broken up, c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

Additions/corrections of special visitors welcome to SkyStef

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