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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/04/2011 MM62186 C30J Italian AF OSY26T open skies sticker, dep
  I-EEZJ A332 Eurofly ISS7005 dep
  OE-LGC DH8D Brussels Airlines BEL2638/9 Austrian Arrows c/s + Brussels Airlines titles, new a/c
02/04/2011 N744AX B762 ABX Air ABX90/1 dep 4
  N966BW C212 Blackwater Aviation N966BW n/t, fuel stop
03/04/2011 0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF04/08 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF08 -
  99-0402 GLF5 USAF FENDY82 dep 4
  TC-GAP GLF4 Turkish Gvmt TCGAP dep 5
  SP-LIH E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7005/6 dep 5
  9A-CRO CL60 Croatia Gvmt 9ACRO -
  SP-LLK B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 +10,11,15,17,18,22
  OO-TUC B763 Jetairfly JAF777P dep RCTP for mx and fitting winglets
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF701P/702P for JAF on 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, dep 11
04/04/2011 MM62245 F900 Italian AF I2245 -
  I-AIGH B762 Air Italy AEY73/873 -
  CN-ROV B763 RAM RAM830F/1F/838/9 +21,25
  SP-LLL B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s, +13,14,26
  EI-ELN A320 AviaNova VNV1922 dep after mx
05/04/2011 97-0400 GLF5 USAF S355 dep 7
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 2x
  5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF08/04 -
  CN-RPA B734 Jet4you JFU110 testflight
06/04/2011 115/F-MABQ TBM7 French AF FMY8035 -
  OO-VLZ F50 CityJet VLM815P/815/815F -
  C-GTSK A310 Air Transat TSC152/3 start 4x/week pax services summer season on CYUL
07/04/2011 MM62210 F900 Italian AF I2210 -
  129 FA10 French Navy FNV5880 dep 8
  D-ABFO A320 Air Berlin BER1404/145F -
  D-ABGJ A319 Air Berlin BER1400/141F -
  D-ABGQ A319 Air Berlin BER1402/143F -
  D-ABBD B738 Air Berlin BER1406/147F -
  D-AHXA B737 Air Berlin BER1408/149 -
  G-GPEK B752 Open Skies BOS901P/2P mx, dep 9
  OO-JAD B738 Jetairfly JAF555 del in f/c (from KBFI via BIKF)
  CN-RPA B734 Jet4you JFU110 test flight
08/04/2011 32 FA10 French Navy FNY5060 -
  CS-TEX A310 Hifly HFY261P/351P basic old Oman Air c/s n/t, mx, dep 9
  EC-JYC SW4 Zorex ORZB50/1 -
  OO-JAD B738 Jetairfly JAF831 first commercial flight (to LEMG via EBOS)
  OO-JAA B738 Jetairfly JAF444P Sun Country titles, arr (from KMSP) after winter lease
  EC-JQP A320 Iberworld TCW508T/745F for TCW on 8,9,10,11, dep 11
  PH-HZL B738 Transavia JAF113P/394P for JAF on 9,10,11, dep 11
09/04/2011 PH-HZN B738 Transavia JAF711P/488P for JAF on 9,10,11, dep 11
  PH-HZV B738 Transavia JAF181P/111P for JAF on 9,10,11, dep 11
  D-AXLG B738 XL Airways Germany GXL690P/690/1/691P dep 10
  TC-JNG A332 Turkish Arlines THY1939/40 o/c
  JY-AGN A310 Royal Jordanian RJA105/6 -
  TS-IPC A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 -
  OO-TNA B733 TNT Airways TAY940E arr mx
  TF-ELK A306 Islandsflug ABD067P a/w n/t, mx, dep 10
  EC-LDN B734 Calima Aviacion JAF481P/7481/2/482P a/w n/t, arr, for JAF on 10, dep 10
  OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TCW619F/133P arr, for TCW on 10,11 dep 11
10/04/2011 9K-ALD A310 State of Kuwait KAC004 dep 12
  A7-AEI A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  TC-JNM A333 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8/9/40 +24
  SP-LLF B734 LOT Charters LOT231/2 basic Centralwings c/s, +11,20,28
11/04/2011 95-0124 C560 USAF DUKE14 -
  MM62209 A319 Italian AF I2209 -
  84001 C130 Swedish AF SVF840 dep 12
  78/F-RAFJ FA50 French AF CTM0010 -
  TC-JJB B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 o/c + FC Barcelona stickers
  CN-RNS B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
  F-GIXB B733 Europe Airpost FPO281A -
  F-GYAZ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE861F/688T mx, dep 13
12/04/2011 95-0124 C560 USAF DUKE14 -
  T-729 B190 Swiss AF SUI020 dep 13
13/04/2011 99-0402 GLF5 USAF SPAR75 -
  84001 C130 Swedish AF SVF840 -
  T-729 B190 Swiss AF SUI020 dep 14
  OY-CRO CL60 Croatia Gvmt 9ACRO -
  OY-RUE MD83 Danish Air Transport BLF801/2 -
  OY-SRF B762 Star Air AZA9474/8834 mil
  OO-MJE B462 Korongo Airlines BEL3597/8/2807/8 reactivated for BEL, +14,21
14/04/2011 2/F-RAFP F900 French AF CTM0003/12 -
  1023 A310 German AF GAF901 -
  OO-JAA B738 Jetairfly JAF011 f/c, first commercial flight
15/04/2011 99-0402 GLF5 USAF SPAR75 -
  1023 A310 German AF GAF901 -
  HB-IHX A320 Edelweiss Air SWR786/7 -
  EC-KYZ A320 Iberworld TCW8227/6 -
  EC-LAQ A320 Iberworld TCW508T/745F/664T for TCW on 15,16,17,18, dep 18, +22 till 30
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF523P/523/4/TFL524P for JAF on 15,16, dep 16
  SP-LNA E190 LOT LOT231/2 f/v of new subtype of LOT, dep 16
16/04/2011 PH-HZY B738 Transavia JAF567P/482P for JAF on 16,17, dep 17
  PH-HZM B738 Transavia JAF011P/628P for JAF on 16,17,18, dep 18
  PH-AHX B763 Arkefly JAF601P/702P for JAF on 16,17,18, dep 18
  OO-LTM B733 Korongo Airlines BEL9904 arr LRBC after mx and stored
  TS-IPB A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 -
  LZ-MDM A320 Air Via CAI1647/8/1713/4 +17
  OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TAY306P/133P arr, for TCW on 17,18 dep 18
17/04/2011 CS-TEX A310 Hifly HFY231P basic old Oman Air c/s n/t, mx, dep 25
  VP-CLR B737 LUK Aviation VPCLR n/t, dep 18
  PH-HZX B738 Transavia JAF568P/392 for JAF on 17, dep 17
  OM-AEX B734 AirExplore JAF843P/4P for JAF on 17,18, dep 18, +30
  OY-SVF JS31 Sun-Air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +18
  I-ADJM E190 Air Dolomiti DLH2292/3 -
18/04/2011 MM62186 C30J Italian AF OSY26T/I2181 open skies sticker removed same day, dep 19
  MM62159 P180 Italian AF I2159 -
  F-GIXB B733 Europe Airpost FPO282A/ -
19/04/2011 69-031 C160 Turkish AF TUAF704 dep 20
  MM62159 P180 Italian AF PROVA14/I2159 -
  T-784 C56X Swiss AF SUI003 -
  ZD620 H25B RAF RRR1431 -
  ZE701 B461 RAF RRR1463 -
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2172 -
  F-GYAN A321 Air Mediterranee BIE422T/485T dep 21
  OO-SNA A320 Brussels Airlines BEL9981 acceptance flight
  OO-TNK B733 TNT Airways TAY948P a/w n/t, dep EGMC on return lessor
20/04/2011 C-GTSZ A332 Air Transat TSC152/3 +27
  G-RAJJ B462 Cello Aviation CLJ193 Avro Business Jet titles, dep 22
  F-GYAJ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE647T/8T dep 21
  TC-IZM A319 IZAir PGT801/2 -
  HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/770/1 +27, dep 28
21/04/2011 D-ALTD A320 Brussels Airlines BER242P arr in f/c & stored, will become OO-SNB
  EC-JQP A320 Iberworld TCW508T/787F arr, for TCW 22,23,24,25, dep 25, +29/30
  TC-JNI A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  OY-RCE RJ85 Atlantic Airways BLF803/4 n/t
22/04/2011 PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF523P/702P for JAF on 22,23,24,25, dep 25
  CN-ROW B763 RAM RAM830F/1F -
  OO-SNA A320 Brussels Airlines JAF903/4 first commercial flight (on LEMG on behalf JAF)
  OO-TNF B733 TNT Airways TAY930E a/w n/t, test flight, +26
  PH-HZX B738 Transavia JAF437P/392 for JAF on 23,24, dep 24
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  I-AIMR B734 Air Italy JAF711P/388P arr, for JAF on 23,24,25, dep 25
  TC-JIH A343 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 o/c
  TC-JNJ A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
23/04/2011 TC-JJF B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  D-ATUG B738 TUIFly JAF041/6041/2/042 for JAF 23,24, dep 24
  PH-HZN B738 Transavia JAF833P/844P for JAF on 23,24,25, dep 25
  OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TCW6783/TAY307P for TCW +24, dep 25
24/04/2011 TC-JNL A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  EK-32006 A320 Armavia RNV6151/2 mx
  PH-HZW B738 Transavia JAF481P/7481/2/482P -
  LX-STC A320 Strategic Airlines JAF1682/682P dep 25
25/04/2011 TC-JNH A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  TC-JJH B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  SU-GCI A332 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
  A7-AED A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  D-AFKB F100 Contactair SWR780/1 Star Alliance markings
  CN-ROG B763 RAM RAM830/1 -
26/04/2011 I-EEZK A320 Eurofly ISS7008/9 dep 27
  HB-JVC F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
27/04/2011 MM62275/PS-B16 P180 Italian Police I2275 -
  OY-JRU MD87 Danish Air Transport BLF801/2/3/4 2x, +28
  EI-EZN A320 Eurofly ISS7042/7032 dep 29
  OO-TNF B733 TNT Airways TAY940E a/w n/t, dep EHWO (for repaint in Jet2 markings)
  A7-AEB A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  PH-HSA B738 Transavia TRA1802/1 start summer charters on LGIR-LGRP
  EC-LKO B738 Calima Aviation JAF974P a/w s/t, arr, for JAF on 28,29,30
  D-CNAY SW4 Regional Air Express BID11A/B +29
28/04/2011 130344 C130 Canadian AF CFC4421 arr, open skies sticker
  I-EEZM A332 Eurofly ISS7056/8301/7056/7 2x, dep 29
  EI-CXO B763 Blue Panorama Airlines BPA9858/8863 dep 29
  OM-VRB AT72 Danube Wings VPA9741/911P mil, repatriation of African illegals via CS-TMT
  PH-KXX F50 Denim Air DNM1601/162P blue tail, n/t, mil, repatriation of African illegals via CS-TMT
  F-GTVC B190 Police Aux Frontieres POF751/75 mil, repatriation of African illegals via CS-TMT
  HB-AFF AT42 Farnair Switserland FAT482/483F mil, repatriation of African illegals via CS-TMT
  G-BYMK D328 Scotairways SAY541/2 CityJet c/s, n/t, mil, repatriation of African illegals via CS-TMT
  D-HEGK AS32 Bundespolizei BPO115 -
29/04/2011 02-0202 B737 USAF BOXER41 dep 30
  VP-CME B762 Mid East Jet VPCME n/t, dep 30
  D-AGPK F100 Contactair SWR786/7 Star Alliance markings
  D-AGEE B733 Germania JAF421P/5421/2/422P for JAF on 29,30, dep 30
  D-AHHB A319 Hamburg Airways JAF711P/6711/2/712P basic Hamburg International 10 years anniversary c/s, n/t, arr for JAF on 30, dep 30
  OO-TNG B733 TNT Airways TAY143P arr, for JAF + TCW on 29, for TCW on 30
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF523P for JAF on 29,30
  SP-LLG B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s
  G-EZDJ A319 easyJet Airline EZY8593 div enroute EGKK-EDDL
  TF-ELF A306 Islandsflug ABD65P a/w n/t, arr mx
30/04/2011 TC-ETL A332 Atlasjet International SHY8669/70 basic Saudia Arabian c/s on fuselage, 10th anniversary Atlasjet tail, n/t
  D-AGEJ B733 Germania JAF873P a/w, n/t, arr
  YR-TIB B733 Air Bucharest BUR601P/601 -


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; b/u=broken up, c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

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