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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/02/2011 YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA dep
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  69-036 C160 Turkish AF TUAF701 dep 2
  G-CGMC E135 Eastern Airways EZE962P/1962/3/963P a/w s/t, dep, +2, dep 2
  OO-MJE B462 Brussels Airlines BEL9914 arr in Korongo markings (from EGMC)
  SU-GCF A332 Egyptair MSR799/800 -
  SP-KWF JS32 Jetair OLT160/1/6/7 +2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18,21,22,23,24,25,28
  I-AIGJ B763 Air Italy BEL1201/2 daily for BEL
  LX-STA A320 Strategic Airlines TCW326P/3326/7/327P for TCW on 2, dep 3
  F-GYAR A321 Air Mediterranee BIE748T/9T mx, dep 3
  OO-TAH B463 TNT Airways TAY591R/591D div EBLG due to fog, dep 2
02/02/2011 ZD703 H25B RAF RRR1159 dep 3
  048 YK40 Polish AF PLF031 -
  TC-IZR A319 IZAir PGT801/2 +5,7,9
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/8/9 2x
03/02/2011 2801 A319 Czech AF CEF02 dep 4
  0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF05N -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF468 dep 5
  MM62201 P180 Italian AF I2201 dep 4
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4521 dep 4
  YR-LCB A310 Romania ROT8945/6 Tarom c/s, dep 4
  LZ-OOI F2TH Bulgarian Gvmt BGF004 dep 4
  SP-LIH E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7003/4 dep 4
  OO-MJE B462 Brussels Airlines BEL2627/8 i/s (in Korongo markings)
  G-OZBH A321 Monarch Airlines EIN638/9 -
  LX-LGS B737 Luxair LGL7619//20 -
  LZ-HBC B462 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w, +10,12,17,22,26
04/02/2011 102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I9002 -
  1502 A319 German AF GAF613/2 2x
  240/F-RARF A332 French AF CTM0001 -
  68/F-RAFA FA7X French AF CTM0012 -
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251 -
  C-172 CL60 Danish AF DAF002/1818 -
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4524 -
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD dep 5
  TC-IZM A319 IZAir PGT801/2 +6,10,13,16,20,22,23,24,27
05/02/2011 17402 FA50 Portuguese AF AFP35 -
  OO-SFO A333 Brussels Airlines BEL9901 dep EGCC (for repaint in f/c)
  OO-SFN A333 Brussels Airlines BEL9902 arr in f/c (from EGCC), i/s from 5 onwards
  G-MAJS A306 Monarch Airlines MON300P dep after mx
  PH-KZI F70 KLM Cityhopper KLM1400/7111 div EHAM due to strong winds, dep 6
  N780UA B772 United Airlines UAL908 div EHAM due to strong winds
  4L-TGR B735 AirZena TGZ651 div EHAM due to strong winds
  OO-TNK B733 TNT Airways TAY948E arr mx
  VQ-BDF A320 S7 Airlines SBI9983/4 mx, dep 6
  I-AIGI B762 Air Italy AEY872/072 -
06/02/2011 01 GLF5 US Coast Guard C101 dep 8
  SU-GCI A332 Egyptair MSR799/780 o/c
  SP-LLF B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s, +17,20
07/02/2011 01-0076 GLF5 USAF SPAR73 -
  OY-JRU MD87 Danish Air Transport BLF803/4 -
  SP-KWN JS32 Jetair OLT166/7 +18
  F-GYAQ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE985T/6T mx, dep 8
08/02/2011 T-783 FA50 Swiss AF SUI001 -
  MM62203 P180 Italian AF I2203 -
09/02/2011 ES-ACB CRJ9 Estonian Air ELL177/8 f/v of new type (of ELL)
10/02/2011 VQ-BGY B744 AirBridgeCargo Airlines ABW4689/4790 dep 11
11/02/2011 UR-82072 A124 Antonov Airlines ADB557F/5057 mil
  OO-SSQ A319 Brussels Airlines BEL9906 del in f/c (from KMIA via CYYR)
  D-ALTC A320 Brussels Airlines BER600P del in f/c (from EDDL), will become OO-SNA
  SP-LLL B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic CentralWings c/s
  F-GSTS A320 Strategic Airlines FGSTS dep LFBO after storage
12/02/2011 D-AGPK F100 ContactAir SWR786/7 Star Alliance markings
  SU-GDC B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 +13
  EC-LJX CRJX Air Nostrum ANE8418/9 f/v of new subtype (of ANE)
  N382WA MD11 World Airways AJK4425 div EBOS
  OO-TNJ B733 TNT Airways TAY949E a/w n/t, mx
13/02/2011 A7-AFE A310 Qatar Amiri Flight QAF008 dep 14
  SP-LLE B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 +18,27
  SE-RJA B734 Tor Air OAI178F/7F mx, dep 18
14/02/2011 MM62209 A319 Italian AF I2209 -
  34/F-RAFL FA50 French AF CTM0007 -
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 dep 15
  5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF05E dep 15
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4535 dep 15
  HB-IHX A320 Edelweiss Air SWR782/3 -
  F-GTHL A320 XL Airways France XLF077P/077 -
  LY-FLH B733 Small Planet Airlines LLC9951/3251 -
  N175DZ B763 Delta Air Lines DAL80/1 f/v with Skyteam c/s
  I-AIGH B762 Air Italy AEY073/873P -
15/02/2011 MM62174 A319 Italian AF I2174 -
  1207 CL60 German AF GAF604 -
  OO-SFO A333 Brussels Airlines BEL9902 arr in f/c (from EGCC), i/s from 16 onwards
16/02/2011 69-026 C160 Turkish AF TUAF702 -
  2602 L410 Czech AF CEF106 -
  011 C295 Polish AF PLF056 -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 -
  RA-96019 IL96 Rossiya RSD034 -
  TC-ATA GLF4 Turkish Gvmt TCATA -
  A7-AFE A310 Qatar Amiri Flight QAF008 dep 17
  OO-VLI F50 CityJet VLM757/757F -
17/02/2011 A7-HHM A332 Qatar Amiri Flight QAF002 n/t, dep 19
18/02/2011 OO-SNA A320 Brussels Airlines - officially registered while stored, ex D-ALTC
19/02/2011 CN-ROV B763 RAM RAM832/3 +21
  5Y-KQZ B763 Kenya Airways KQA112/1112 div LFPG due to fog
  A6-AFA A333 Etihad Airways ETD031/031A f/v with visit Abu Dhabi 2011 c/s, div LFPG due to fog
20/02/2011 0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF05B dep 21
  RA-76638 IL76 224th Flight Unit TTF9071/2 dep 24
  MM62174 A319 Italian AF I2174 -
  OO-DJK RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL2628 final commercial flight (on EDDH)
21/02/2011 5067 C160 German AF GAF149 -
  ZK459 BE20 RAF RRR7090 dep 22
  MM62244 F900 Italian AF I2244 -
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  5A-ONA A320 Afriqiyah Airways AAW924/5 final flight on HLLT due to Lybian civil war
  OO-DJK RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9911 dep BCM (returned to lessor)
22/02/2011 5059 C160 German AF GAF341 -
  OO-TNJ B733 TNT Airways TAY947B a/w n/t, test flight
23/02/2011 1205 CL60 German AF GAF642 dep 24
  MM62210 F900 Italian AF I2210 -
  T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4541 dep 24
  145-209 E135 Hellenic AF HAF209 -
  RA-86540 IL62 Rossiya RSD008 dep 24
  RA-86561 IL62 Rossiya RSD002 dep 24
  RA-86467 IL62 Rossiya RSD040 dep 24
  RA-85686 T154 Rossiya RSD012 dep 24
  RA-67223 CL30 Severstal Aircompany SSF9571 n/t, dep 24
  VP-BNZ B737 Gazpromavia GZP9611/2 n/t, dep 24
24/02/2011 MM62174 A319 Italian AF I2174 2x
  MM62250 C27J Italian AF I2220 -
  06-6168 C17 USAF RCH286 dep 25
  T.783 FA50 Swiss AF SUI004 -
  0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF05D -
  HB-IHY A320 Edelweiss Air SWR788/9 -
  B-2432 B744 Yangtze River Express YZR7451 div ELLX due to fog, dep 26
  EC-IXL SW4 Aeronova OVA73P/74P -
25/02/2011 RA-96019 IL96 Rossiya RSD036 -
  G-OZBM A321 Monarch Airlines MON148P/9148 -
  G-CELO B733 Jet2 EXS121P/6054 -
  A7-AEA A333 Qatar Airways QTR941/2 -
  F-GSTR A320 Strategic Airlines FGSTR dep LFBO after storage
26/02/2011 D-ABLB B737 Air Berlin BER140F/1400/1/141F +27, dep 27
  OO-TNN B734 TNT Airways TAY932E mx, dep 27
  SU-GCR B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 -
27/02/2011 OO-SSR A319 Brussels Airlines BEL3181 first commercial flight (on LIRF)
  N754SA B742 Southern Air SOO9754 arr mx
  G-CELF B733 Jet2 EXS6055/123P -
28/02/2011 MM62201 P180 Italian AF I2201 -
  MM62206 P180 Italian AF I2206 -
  044 YK40 Polish AF PLF032 -
  5067 C160 German AF GAF206 -


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; b/u=broken up, c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

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