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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/11/2010 OM-AEX B734 AirExplore JAF182P dep
  SE-DIU MD87 City Airline BLF801/2/3/4 +8,9,10,23,24
  OH-BLE MD90 Blue Air BLF801/2/3/4 +8,15,19,22,25
  LZ-HBF B463 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w n/t, +4,8,11,15,20,22,25,27
  TC-JJA B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  TC-JJE B77W Turkish Airlines THY1937/8/9/40 n/c, +27
  CS-TLO B763 euroAtlantic Airways BEL204/237/8/9901 for BEL on 1,2, dep 2
  LZ-MDC A320 Air Via VIM102F +5,6,7,8, dep 8
  OO-SFW A333 Brussels Airlines OOSFW arr after mx, i/s from 3
02/11/2010 1205 CL60 German AF GAF609 -
  OH-BLF MD90 Blue Air BLF801/2/3/4 Star Alliance markings, +3,4,5,15
  EC-GVE SW4 Aeronova OVA81Q/82Q/21C/22C +9
  TC-JNC A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  OY-RCD RJ85 Atlantic Airways BLF801/2 -
  SP-KWF JS32 Jetair OLT160/1/6/7 +3,4,5,8,9,10,11,15,16,17,18,19,22,23,24,25,26,29,30
  CN-NMD A320 Air Arabia Maroc MAC2115/6 inaugural 3x/week pax schedule on GMMN
03/11/2010 ZE701 B461 RAF RRR1888 dep 4
  TC-JNA A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  SP-KWN JS32 Jetair OLT166/7 +4,5,9,10,26
  YR-TIB B733 Air Bucharest JOR123/4 hybrid Ion Tiriac Air c/s, +19,24,28
04/11/2010 08-8204 C17 USAF RCGH198 dep 5
  130320 C130 Canadian AF OSY16T/CFC2177 dep 7, +11, dep 14
  TC-JDK A343 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
05/11/2010 02-0042 B737 USAF SPAR76 -
  OH-AFJ B752 Air Finland BLF801/2 n/c
  PH-HZG B738 Transavia JAF181/114 for JAF on 6,7, dep 7
  PH-HZX B738 Transavia JAF623/6623/4/624C for JAF on 6,7 dep 7
  YR-MDS MD81 Jetran Air JOR123/4 +12,15
06/11/2010 PH-HZN B738 Transavia TRA091/7701/2/092 +7, dep 7
  PH-HZD B738 Transavia JAF003/6003/4/6301/2 -
  PH-HZI B738 Transavia JAF821/6821/2/6653/4/654 -
  EC-KZG A320 Iberworld JAF6244/245P -
  F-GIXT B733 Europe Airpost FPO226M/166M -
  F-GZTA B733 Europe Airpost FPO268M/168M -
  TC-JNF A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
  TC-JNI A333 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 n/c, +14,22
  LZ-HBC B462 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w, +25
07/11/2010 ET-AMK B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 +25
  N41140 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
  YR-HBE MD83 Medallion Air JOR123/4 +8,14,17,21,22,26,29
  N959PR B734 Global Jet N959PR fuel stop on del, (A6-JAK regi below wing), dep 8
08/11/2010 1206 CL60 German AF GAF648 -
  T.18-1 f900 Spanish AF AME4511 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  T-784 C56X Swiss AF SUI005 -
  1257 YK40 Czech AF CEF05D -
  G-MONR A306 Monarch Airlines MON6587/123P technical stop
  G-OZBH A321 Monarch Airlines MON321P/6587 replaced G-MONR
  N26123 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
  TC-JND A332 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8/9/40 +24,26
  F-GYAN A321 Air Mediterannee FGYAN/BIE857T mx, dep 11
10/11/2010 1257 YK40 Czech AF CEF05F -
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Maltese Gvmt JLN101 -
  F-HBPE E145 Pan Europeenne Air Service RAE06A/01D HexAir c/s n/t, dep 11
  OH-BLD MD90 Blue Air BLF801/2/3/4 +12,22
11/11/2010 SE-RJA B734 Tor Air OAI001/2/OAI501F after mx testflights, +12, dep 12
  EC-JCU SW4 Aeronova OVA71L/72L/41D/42D dep 12, +20
12/11/2010 OM-BYE YK40 Slovak Gvmt SSG006 -
  EK-42470 YK42 Armavia RNV4002 VIP
  F-GPEJ B752 Open Skies BOS901P/902P mx, dep 13
  HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR786/7 -
  YL-BAE DH8D Air Baltic BTI603/4 f/v (of new type of BTI) and start of downgrade
  N941UW B752 US Airways AWE798 div EHAM due to strong wind
13/11/2010 LX-STA A320 Strategic Airlines TCW6294/5 dep 14
  LZ-HBE B463 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w n/t, +17,18,30
14/11/2010 251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251 dep 15
  ET-AMT B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 -
  LN-RKF A343 SAS SAS1593/4 -
15/11/2010 1206 CL60 German AF GAF612 -
  1204 CL60 German AF GAF604 -
  TC-ATA GLF4 Turkish Gvmt TCATA dep 16
  T.783 FA50 SwissAF SUI003 -
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD dep 16
  TC-JNH A333 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 n/c
  OK-CCC SF34 Job Air JBR441/2/3/4 Central Connect Airlines markings,  start 2x daily 5/week pax schedule on EDDP on behalf Air Lipsia
16/11/2010 T.783 FA50 Swiss AF SUI783 -
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD -
  1022 A310 German AF GAF642 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 dep 17
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  78/F-RAFJ FA50 French AF CTM0007 -
  02-0042 B737 USAF SPAR76 dep 17
  135L-484 E135 Hellenic AF HAF484 -
  RA-85744 T154 South East Airlines DAG9712/15/16/12 for soccer team Belgium for friendly play in Russia, +18
  HB-IHX A320 Edelweiss Air SWR788/9 -
  EC-HZH SW4 Aeronova OVA21C/22C -
  OE-LNK B738 Lauda Air AUA355/6 -
  CN-RPA B734 Jet4you JFU110/110P div EBCI due to fog
  OO-VLI F50 CityJet BCY33G/VLM123M div EBAW due to fog, dep 17
17/11/2010 T.18-1 F900 Spanish Air Force AME4522 -
  MM62172 F900 Italian Air Force I2172 -
  1257 YK40 Czech Air Force CEF08 -
  1501 A319 German Air Force GAF625 -
  102001 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF21 -
  4L-GAF CRJ2 Georgian National Airlines TGZ1601 n/t, dep 18
  7T-VHL C130 Air Algerie DAH2200/1 -
  HB-JVC F100 Helvetic Airways SWR786/7/8/9 +19,20,27
18/11/2010 92-0375 GLF5 USAF FENDY72 -
  CA-01 A310 Belgian AF BAF643 farewell flight and stored
  SP-LLF B734 LOT Charters LOT233/4 basic Centralwings c/s
  F-GKHK A320 XL Airways France XLF412 -
  G-YMMN B772 British Airways BAW165/9176 emergency landing due to false smoke alarm in cargo bay (was enroute EGLL-LLBG)
  G-VIIX B772 British Airways BAW9155/165 replaced G-YMMN
  OO-JBG B738 Jetairfly JAF822 final flight (on HELX)
19/11/2010 01 GLF5 US Coast Guard RHGF9632/C101 dep 20
  N17104 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
  F-GIXR B733 Europe Airpost SWT843/1657 a/w
20/11/2010 92-0375 GLF5 USAF FENDY72 -
  CS-TEI A310 HiFly HFY321P/241P mx, basic Oman Air c/s + titles, dep 21
  N14115 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
21/11/2010 97-0401 GLF5 USAF S8539 dep 23
  5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF05B dep 22
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4525 dep 22
  N19136 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
  ET-ALZ B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 -
  D-AFKB F100 Contact Air DLH3360/1 -
22/11/2010 01-0040 B737 USAF S8367 dep 23
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 2x
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251 -
  YU-BNA FA50 Serbia Gvmt YUBNA dep 23
  UR-ABA A319 Ukraine Gvmt UKN1145/6 -
  OO-JBG B738 Canjet CNJ9800 Jetairfly c/s, dep CYMX on winterlease
  OO-DJZ RJ85 Brussels Airlines BEL9911 dep EGSH for painting in f/c
23/11/2010 OY-RCE RJ85 Atlantic Airways BLF801/2/3/4 white, s/t, +30
  VQ-BFM A320 Vladivostok Avia VLK1787/8 mx, dep 28
  OO-VLS F50 CityJet VLM888P/888/9/889F +24, dep 24
24/11/2010 B-538 C30J Danish AF DAF3060 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF858 dep 25
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  N743CK B744 Kalitta Air CKS246/5 a/w n/t, new a/c for CKS
  OK-WGX B734 CSA CSA8090 f/v with Holdidays c/s
25/11/2010 T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4530 dep 26
  MM62209 A319 Italian AF I2209 -
  34/F-RAFL FA50 French AF CTM0010 -
  4589/61-PN C130 French AF CTM1998 dep 26
  OO-JAX B738 Jetairfly JAF737 del in f/c from KBFI via BIKF
26/11/2010 MM62199 P180 Italian AF I2199 -
  SE-DMC MD87 City Airline BLF801/2 -
  G-EUOI A319 British Airways BAW396/7 f/v with signatures promoting soccer England WC2018
27/11/2010 S2-ADX DH8C GMG Airlines SAMCO f/c, testflight from/to EHBK
28/11/2010 MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4541 dep 22
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4537 dep 29
  17402 FA50 Portuguese Gvmt AFP18 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF08 -
  34/F-RAFL FA50 French AF CTM0011 -
  135L-484 E135 Hellenic AF HAF484 -
  1204 CL60 German AF GAF608 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Malta Gvmt JLN202 -
  SP-LIG E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7021/2 -
  SP-MRC SF34 Skytaxi IGA708/9 -
  CS-TEX A310 HiFly HFY372P mx, basic old Oman Air c/s + Sporting Club de Braga titles
  TC-JDM A343 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  N985AR MD11 Centurian Air Cargo CWC8600/1 div EDFH due to fog
29/11/2010 MM62206 FA50 Italian AF I2206 2x
  B-6163 A332 Air China CCA063 VIP, dep 30
  OY-JTD B733 Jettime BLF803/4 -
  N69059 B764 United Airlines COA60/1 f/v in n/c
  G-EUPX A319 British Airways BAW942 div EDDL due to snow
  F-GPEK B752 Open Skies BOS901P/2P mx, dep 30
  F-GPYM AT42 Airlinair RAE402/4 Air France markings
30/11/2010 CN-AMK C56X Moroccan AF RMAF103 dep 01/12
  SP-MRB SF34 Skytaxi IGA795/710 -
  D-AEMF E190 Augsburg Airways BLF803/4 a/w, dep 01/12
  HA-FAM B190 Farnair Hungary FAH212F/212 dep 01/12


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

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