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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/06/2010 16804 C130 Portuguese AF AFP07 dep 2
  EK-32008 A320 Armavia RNV5151/2 mx
  CS-TFZ A332 HiFly BEL9902 a/w n/t, for BEL on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, dep 7
  D-COLE SF34 OLT OLT166/7 -
02/06/2010 YU-BRZ LJ31 Serbia Gvmt YUBRZ -
  AP-OOI A310 Pakistan AF PIA002 dep 4
  TC-IZM A319 IZAir PGT801/2/4807/8 +29
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 -
  HB-IHY A320 Edelweiss Air SWR788/9 -
  D-ANFC AT72 Avanti Air ATV873A/B for Mexican WC soccer team, dep 4
03/06/2010 7T-VPG GLF5 Algerian Gvmt 7TVPG dep 4
  MM62194 C30J Italian AF I2174 dep 4
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4578 dep 4
  I-BIMF A319 Alitalia AZA8080/1 for Italian WC soccer team, dep 4
  LZ-HBC B462 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w, +5,26
  D-AGPK F100 Contactair SWR780/1 -
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +10,11,16,18,23,24,25
04/06/2010 7T-VPM GLF4 Algerian Gvmt 7TVPM -
  PH-HZD B738 Transavia JAF261/5261/2/262 -
  TF-FIU B752 Icelandair ICE556/7 inaugural 2x/week pax schedule on BIKF
  TC-ETF A321 Atlasjet International PGT801/2 -
05/06/2010 177703 C17 Canadian AF CFC4094 dep 6
  PH-AAY A320 Amsterdam Airlines LBT5163/4 +12
  F-GIXF B733 Europe Airpost TAR8422/3 -
  CN-RPE B738 Jet4you JFU532/3 div EVCI due to night curfew, dep 6
  OY-RJD CRJ1 Cimber Air SAS1593/4 +26
  CN-RNT B763 RAM RAM838/9 +6
06/06/2010 TC-IZR A319 IZAir PGT801/2 +7,27
  G-BPEJ B752 Open Skies BOS901P/2P mx, dep 8
07/06/2010 YU-BRZ LJ31 Serbia Gvmt YUBRZ -
  LX-N20000 NATO NATO NATO25 mx
  F-GIXB B733 Europe Airpost FPO281A -
  LZ-HBF B463 Hemus Air LZB405/6/7/8 a/w n/t, +8,9,10,14,15,17,19,22,23, +29,30
  SX-BTG MD83 Sky Wings BLF801/2 -
  D-ADEP F27 WDL Aviation WDL111/3 -
08/06/2010 129 FA10 French Navy FNY5880 dep 4
  146/F-RAXR TBM7 French AF CTM3818 2x
  T.18-5 F900 Spanish AF AME4511 -
  MM62026 F900 Italian AF I2026 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I2243 -
  D-AIMA A388 Lufthansa DLH8928/9 f/v of type, test and presentation
  OO-TNC B733 TNT Airways TAY942E mx, dep 10
09/06/2010 90-0300 GLF4 USAF RACER97 -
  07-7170 C17 USAF RCH283 dep 11
  75-0125 B742 USAF SKIP13 dep 11
  130325 C130 Canadian AF OSY16T/CFC2618 dep 11
  T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4506 dep 11
  135L-484 E135 Hellenic AF HAF484 dep 11
  ZE700 B461 RAF RRR1210 -
  ER-ERB E190 Air Molodova MLD9003/4 VIP
  SP-LIG E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7101/2 -
  F-GYAO A321 Air Mediterranee BIE855T/858T mx, dep 10
10/06/2010 3208 AN26 Czech AF SQF3208 dep 11
  144614 CL60 Canadian AF CFC3705 dep 13
  T.21-06 C295 Spanish AF AME3569 dep 11
  1206 CL60 German AF GAF648 dep 11
  2801 A319 Czech AF CEF05C dep 11
  90-0300 GLF4 USAF RACER98 dep 11
  MM62244 F900 Italian AF I2244 -
  MM62171 F900 Italian AF I2171 -
  17402 FA50 Portuguese AF AFP76 dep 11
  78/F-RAFJ FA50 French AF CTM0004 -
  YL-LCD A320 Smartlynx Italia LOT7677/9008 VIP
  OO-JAA B738 Jetairfly JAF511 test flight
11/06/2010 ZE700 B461 Royal AF RRR1210 -
  MM62026 FA50 Italian AF I2026 -
  OO-JAA B738 Jetairfly JAF5323 first commercial flight (on LGSA)
  HA-TCT AN26 Cityline Hungary CNB230F/2300 a/w n/t
  TC-IZL A320 IZAir PGT3521/2/801/2 +13
  OO-VLO F50 CityJet VLM818P/818/9/819F +12, dep 12
  OH-BLC MD90 Blue1 BLF801/2 -
  D-AOLT SB20 OLT OLT162/3 -
12/06/2010 CN-RPG B738 Jet4you JFU532/3 div EBCI due to night curfew, dep 13
  OY-RJB CRJ2 Cimber Air SAS1593/4 white + SAS taillogo
  HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR786/7/778/9 +25
  EI-DOT CRJ9 Air One Cityliner AZA140/1 inaugural 4x/week pax schedule on LIEA (on behalf AZA)
  LZ-HBB B462 Hemus Air LZB407/8 a/w
13/06/2010 C-FMWY B763 Air Canada ACA832/3 Star Alliance markings, inaugural daily pax schedule on CYUL
  EC-LAJ A320 Iberworld IWD7303/4/5/6 +18,25
  CN-RPE B738 Jet4you JFU1110/111 mx, dep 14
14/06/2010 7T-VPS GLF4 Algerian Gvmt 7TVPS -
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4521 -
  F-GIXB B733 Europe Airpost FPO282A -
  OM-AEX B734 Air Explore JOR123/4 -
16/06/2010 T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4520 dep 17
  0216 AN28 Polish AF PLF216 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Maltese Gvmt JLN101 dep 17
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD -
  1501 A319 German AF GAF607 dep 17
  3085 A319 Czech AF CEF02/08 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I9002 dep 17
  LZ-OOI F2TH Bulgarian Gvmt BGF004 dep 17
  07-BLUE C27J Lithuanian AF LYF062 dep 17
  SP-LIG E170 Polish Gvmt LOT7001/2 dep 17
  G-CELF B733 Jet2 EXS125P/6425/6/126P +17, dep 17
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR788/9 -
17/06/2010 T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4529 -
  Z3-MKD LJ60 Macedonia Gvmt Z3MKD -
  3085 A319 Czech AF CEF08/02 -
  1556/F-RBFB A319 French AF CTM0001 -
  68/F-RAFA FA7X French AF CTM0014 -
  C-080 CL60 Danish AF DAF002 -
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251 -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 dep 18
  OM-BYO T154 Slovak AF SSG002 -
  100001 SF34 Swedish AF SVF01 -
  I-LIVL A332 Livingstone Airlines BEL9902/1 for BEL on 17,18,19, dep 19
  CN-RPC B734 Jet4you JFU534/5 div EBCI due to night curfew, dep 18
  SP-LDC E170 LOT LOT231/2 f/v with Krakow c/s, dep 18
18/06/2010 081/F-RAFB A342 French AF CTM1073/4 -
19/06/2010 D-ABRF B734 Bremenfly BFY9124/34/43/25/51/11/61 +20,26,27
  OY-RJD CRJ2 Cimber Air SAS1593/4 -
  CD-01 F900 Belgian AF - noted with new tail motive (like CS-TMT)
20/06/2010 95-0123 C560 USAF DUKE58 -
  EK-32011 A319 Armavia RNV5151/2 mx
21/06/2010 131/F-RAXQ TBM7 French AF CTM3821 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  TC-ATA GLF4 Turkish Gvmt TCATA dep 22
  81 Yellow AN30 Ukraine AF OSY37T open skies flight, dep 25
  CN-RNS B763 RAM RAM830/1 +25
  SE-DJP RJ85 Transwede Airways SCW1404/905/908/1406 +22, dep 23
  OO-TCP A320 Thomas Cook Airlines Begium TCW512C unveiled with Kabouter Plop stickers on LHS, i/s same day
22/06/2010 131/F-RAXQ TBM7 French AF CTM3810 -
  5119/61-PC C130 French AF CTM1766 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  OM-BYL YK40 Sloval Gvmt SSG003 -
  OD-MRT A320 MEA MEA215/6 inaugural 3x/week pax schedule on OLBA
23/06/2010 T.18-5 F900 Spanish AF AME4532 dep 24
  97-0102 C560 USAF DUKE64 -
  OY-SRO B762 Star Air SRR157P/158/9/160P -
24/06/2010 CE-04 E145 Belgian AF - noted with all blue tail
  5115 C160 German AF GAF182 -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 -
  02-0203 B737 USAF BOXER46 dep 25
  D-CPRP D328 Cirrus Airlines RUS7138/3024/5/7139 +25
  D-AGPH F100 Contact Air SWR780/1 Star Alliance markings
  EC-HDS B752 Privilege Style RAM805/681 -
  OO-VLY F50 CityJet VLM838P/838/9/839F +25
  OO-VLM F50 CityJet VLM830P/830/1/831F +25
25/06/2010 5099 C160 German AF GAF049 -
  99-0004 B752 USAF S7553 -
  N12116 B752 Continental Airlines COA1970/1 div EDDF
  TC-IZA A320 IZAir PGT3525/6/3258/9 +29
  G-BNPJ B462 TNT Airways TAY107P/8003/4 +28,29,30
  UR-GAH B733 Ukraine International Airlines AUI845/8 final pax flight on UKBB
26/06/2010 G-CDKB SB20 Eastern Airways EZE043P/071P dep 27
  HA-TCN AN26 Cityline Hungary CNB2000/260F dep 28
  CN-ROG B763 RAM RAM830/1 +29
  TF-AAB B742 Air Atlanta Icelandic SVA901 a/w n/t + small logo on fuselage, new a/c for SVA
  TS-IPB A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 start summer upgrades
  EC-ISY B752 Privilege Style RAM744P/681 s/t + Banesto titles
27/06/2010 EC-INZ A320 Iberworld IWD7303/4 s/t
  G-BPEK B752 Open Skies BOS901P/2P mx, dep 29
28/06/2010 T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4541 -
  T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4530 -
  T.18-5 F900 Spanish AF AME4542 -
  CN-RGA B744 RAM RAM830/1 start 1/x week summer upgrade
  TC-JIK A343 Turkish Airlines THY1937/8 -
29/06/2010 F-GYAN A321 Air Mediterranee BIE889T/801T mx, dep 30
  CS-TFZ A332 HiFly CSTFZ arr, a/w n/t
  F-GZTB B733 Europe Airpost FPO302/102 -
  OO-SFV A333 Brussels Airlines OOSFV del in f/c (arr from WMSA)
30/06/2010 T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4544 -
  TC-ATA GLF4 Turkish Gvmt TCATA -
  33/F-RAXA TBM7 French AF CTM3883 -
  VP-CLR B737 LUK Aviation VPCLR arr, n/t
  ER-AXV A320 Air Moldova MLD864F arr mx


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

Additions/corrections of special visitors welcome to SkyStef

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