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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial ICAO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/02/2010 63-7980 K35R USAF TROUT99 dep 2
  ZD621 H25B RAF RRR1341 dep 2
  OO-VEJ B734 Brussels Airlines BEL9905 n/t, dep KGYR (via BIKF-CYVR-KMKE) on return lessor
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly JAF702/TFL092P -
  PH-AHY B763 Arkefly TFL091P/98P/99P/065P for JAF, dep 2, +4,5,6,7,8, dep 9, +11,12, dep13, +13,14,15,16, dep 16, +19,20,21,22,23, dep 23
  D-COLE SF34 OLT OLT160/1/6/7 +2,10,11,23,24
  HB-IZG SB20 Darwin Airline DWT2460/1 dep 2
  HB-AEU J328 Swiss Jet SJT113/4 -
  N753SA B742 Southern Air WTA017 end cargo schedule for Africa West Cargo on DXXX
  OM-VRA AT72 Danube Wings VPA3775/6 end pax schedule on LZIB
  OO-TUC B763 Jetairfly JAF011P dep RCTP for mx
02/02/2010 T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4550 -
  A7-CEA CL60 Qatar Executive QTR935/3051 dep 3
  G-DOCV B734 British Airways BAW8144 div ELLX due to snow
  D-AGPK F100 Contactair SWR800/1 Star Alliance markings, +4
03/02/2010 T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4553 dep 4
  92-0375 GLF5 USAF FENDY19 dep 4
  CS-TEI A310 HiFly CSTEI basic Oman Air c/s, n/t, mil, dep 8
  D-CASB SF34 OLT OLT160/1 +4
  EI-EHZ A343 AWAS EIEHZ a/w n/t, dep after mx, ex 3B-NAV
  SE-DZV B738 TUIfly Nordic BLX208 -
04/02/2010 CS-TQM A343 HiFly CSTQM a/w n/t, mil, dep
05/02/2010 92-0375 GLF5 USAF FENDY19 -
  G-LSAA B752 Jet2 EXS183P/6083/4/184P +6
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +10,11,12,16,17,18,26
06/02/2010 PZ-TCP A343 Surinam Airways SLM994 div EHAM due to fog
  4L-TGM B737 Air Zena TGZ651 div EHAM due to fog
  TS-IOG B735 Tunis Air TAR638 div EHAM due to fog
  F-GRGG E145 Air France Regional AFR5364/6031 div EHAM due to fog
  B-2423 B744 Jade Cargo International JAE7405 div EHAM due to fog
  PH-AOD A332 KLM KLM26 div EHAM due to fog
  PH-AOA A332 KLM KLM430 div EHAM due to fog
  HL7600 B744 Korean Air Cargo KAL517 div EHAM due to fog
  SU-GAY A306 Egyptair Cargo MSX520 div EBOS due to fog, dep 7
  N747CK B742 Kalitta Air CKS323 div EBOS due to fog
  D-AGPH F100 Contactair SWR806/7 Star Alliance markings
07/02/2010 111/F-RAXM TBM7 French AF CTM3841 dep 8
08/02/2010 166377 GLF5 US Navy VV101 dep 9
  131/F-RAXQ TBM7 French AF CTM3822 -
  VQ-BCG A320 Vladivostok Avia VLK1787/8 mx, dep 17
  D-AOLB SB20 OLT OLT160/1 -
  OO-VLQ F50 CityJet VLM912F/756/756F/800/1/801F +9, 10, dep 10
  S5-AAJ CRJ2 Adria Airways ADR3482 VIP
09/02/2010 RA-74015 AN72 Sahar Ink JTT9615/6 -
  11-111/HS-CMV B734 Thai AF VM904 -
10/02/2010 678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 dep 12
  101 T154 Polish AF PLF102 -
  OM-BYR T154 Slovak Gvmt SSG002 dep 11
  LZ-OOI F2TH Bulgarian Gvmt BGF004 dep 11
11/02/2010 2801 A319 Czech AF CEF08/02 -
  5105 CL60 Czech AF CEF02/206 -
  100001 SF34 Swedish AF SVF01 -
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251V -
  101 T154 Polish AF PLF101 -
  T.21-06 C295 Spanish AF AME3507 dep 12
  1206 CL60 German AF GAF615 -
  C-172 CL60 Danish AF DAF002 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I9002 -
  9H-AFJ LJ60 Malta Gvmt JLN101 -
  V-11 GLF4 Dutch AF NAF11 -
  1485/F-RBFA A319 French AF CTM0001 -
  68/F-RAFA FA7X French AF CTM0014 -
  EZ-B021 H25C Turkmenistan Gvmt EZB021 dep 12
  OE-LNR B738 Lauda Air AUA351/2 -
12/02/2010 3085 A319 Czech AF CEF05B dep 13
  EK-32005 A320 Armavia RNV5118 ex mx
  OO-DLR A30B European Air Transport BCS103P DHL markings, n/t, dep KROW (via BIKF-KBGR) for storage
13/02/2010 TR-LGY FA50 Afrijet Business Services TRLGY -
  D-AFKA F100 Contact Air SWR788/9 Star Alliance markings, +14
  G-BPEK B752 Open Skies BOS901P/2P mx, dep 15
  TS-IED B733 Karthago Airlines LBT713P ex mx
14/02/2010 258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 dep 16
  N754SA B742 Southern Air ETH3716 div EBLG due to snow
  EI-OZG A30B Air Contractors BCS789/1562 DHL markings, ex OO-DLG
  OO-VET B734 Brussels Airlines BEL40F final commercial flight (from LIRF)
15/02/2010 1206 CL60 German AF GAF609 -
  T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4571 dep 16
  34/F-RAFL FA50 French AF CTM0008 -
  T.783 FA50 Swiss AF SUI004 dep 16
  N76153 B762 Continental Airlines COA60/1 +19
  OO-VET B734 Brussels Airlines BEL9901 dep LRBC for mx, prior return lessor
16/02/2010 0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF05E -
  CN-RPA B734 Jet4you JFU112/1 -
17/02/2010 97-0401 GLF5 USAF S6555 -
  0216 AN28 Polish AF PLF125 -
18/02/2010 99-0404 GLF5 USAF S6620 dep 19
  G-CERZ SB20 Eastern Airways EZE865P/866/8/9 dep 19, +20, dep 21
  N67134 B752 Continental Airlines COA60/1 -
19/02/2010 T.18-4 F900 Spanish AF AME4577 -
20/02/2010 XV305 C130 RAF RRR5108/9 -
  D-ALTL A320 Air Berlin BER100F/1000/1/101F medical
  OE-GBB D328 Welcome Air TYW269/0 medical
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR782/3 -
  SU-GAY A306 Egyptair MSX520/708 start test cargo flight on HECA/HLLM
  EI-OZE A30B Air Contractors BCS7736/963 DHL markings, ex OO-DLC
21/02/2010 145-209 E135 Hellenic AF HAF209 dep 22
  044 YK40 Polish AF PLF105 dep 22
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4502 dep 22
  T.18-1 F900 Spanish AF AME4503 dep 22
  MM62174 A319 Italian AF I2174 -
  258 LJ45 Irish AC IRL258 -
  100008 SF34 Swedish AF SVF15 dep 22
  LX-GCV B744 Cargolux CLX891 div ELLX due to snow
  LX-OCV B744 Cargolux CLX765 div ELLX due to snow
  EC-LBC B752 Mint Airways TCX631T/615F -
  OO-VBR B734 Brussels Airlines BEL73T final commercial flight (from LEMG)
  EI-OZG A30B Air Contractors BCS789/1562 DHL markings, ex OO-DLG
  RA-76950 IL76 Volga-Dnper Airlines VDA9801/6166 dep 22
22/02/2010 1105 AN30 Romanian AF OSY11T/32T Open Skies, dep 26
  LX-N20199 B703 NATO NATO16 -
  MM62172 F900 Italian AF I2172 -
  MM62210 F900 Italian AF I2210 2x
  251 GLF4 Irish AC IRL251 -
  LZ-BTZ T154 Bulgarian Gvmt BGF001 dep 24
  27/F-RAFK FA50 French AF CTM0007 -
  111/F-RAXM TBM7 French AF CTM3840 -
  0260 YK40 Czech AF CEF05U -
  OO-VBR B734 Brussels Airlines BEL9901 dep LRBC for mx, prior return lessor
  OO-DLV A30B European Air Transport BCS100F/105P DHL markings, dep KROW (via BIKF-KBGR) for storage, dep 23
23/02/2010 4589 C130 French AF CTM1215 -
  102004 GLF4 Swedish AF SVF024 -
24/02/2010 MM62174 A319 Italian AF I9004/2174 -
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4509 -
  T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4515 dep 25
  LX-N20199 B703 NATO NATO16 -
  1203 CL60 German AF GAF609 dep 25
  165/F-RAIT CN35 French AF CTM1658 -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 -
  EI-OZF A30B Air Contractors BCS6156/1334 DHL markings, ex OO-DLD
25/02/2010 T.783 FA50 Swiss AF SUI007 -
  MM62243 A319 Italian AF I2243 -
  MM62172 F900 Italian AF I2172 -
  34/F-RAFL FA50 French AF CTM0006 -
  678 GLF5 Hellenic AF HAF678 -
  T.18-2 F900 Spanish AF AME4511 -
  C-080 CL60 Danish AF DAF1830 -
  07-7174 C17 USAF RCH281 dep 27
  OE-LNT B738 Lauda Air AUA351/2 -
  PH-AHQ B763 Arkefly TFL99P for JAF on 26,27,28
  EC-HJH B462 Pan Air TAY8003/4 TNT markings, +26
26/02/2010 MM62172 F900 Italian AF I2172 -
  152/F-RAIP CN35 French AF CTM3905 -
  D-AHIO A319 Hamburg International Airlines HHI828F/8285 -
  SP-LLE B734 LOT Charters LOT231/2 f/c, dep 27
28/02/2010 T.18-3 F900 Spanish AF AME4512 -
  T.17-2 B703 Spanish AF AME4722 dep 01/03
  258 LJ45 Irish AF IRL258 -
  N388AA B763 American Airlines AAL44 div LFPG due to strongs winds
  N355AA B763 American Airlines AAL62 div LFPG due to strongs winds
  N59053 B764 Continental Airlines COA56 div LFPG due to strongs winds
  N68061 B764 Continental Airlines COA32 div LFPG due to strongs winds
  N171DZ B763 Delta Air Lines DAL44 Habitat for Humanity c/s, div LFPG due to strongs winds
  LX-LGD DH8D Luxair LGL9304/51 div ELLX due to strong winds
  OK-SWU B735 SmartWings JOR123/4 -
  CS-TFZ A332 HiFly AEY8633 a/w, n/t, due for Belgian Air Force but dmgd on ground when colliding with hangar


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); div=divertion from (+ ICAO airport code); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out; s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

Additions/corrections of special visitors welcome to SkyStef

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