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Brussels Airport movements

Date Regi / serial IACO Type Operator Flight Notes
01/08/2009 VT-JBJ B738 Jet Airways JAI9134 dep on del
  D-AFKB F100 Contact Air SWR780/1 Star Alliance c/s, +22
  LZ-HBC B462 Hemus Air LZB407/8 a/w, +2,8,22,29
  OH-AFJ B752 Air Finland BMM412/3 +8
  TS-IPC A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 +15
  EI-CUD B734 Blue Panorama BPA9002 ex mx
  TC-TLC B734 Tailwind Airlines TWI471/2 +7,8,14,15,21,22
02/08/2009 90-0300 GLF4 USAF FENDY08 -
  EI-CWF B734 Air One SMX5984/5 -
  HB-JVG F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1/8/9 +12,31
  OM-ASD B733 Air Slovakia ESK3674/5/6/7 a/w, +12,15,18,20,28
03/08/2009 9K-AJF GLF5 State of Kuwait KAC026 +30
  HB-JIF MD90 Hello FHE5910/1/6910/1 +5
  G-OMYJ A321 Thomas Cook Airlines TCX996 -
04/08/2009 TC-IZL A320 IZair PGT273/4 +9
  F-GYAR A321 Air Mediterranee BIE883T/102T mx, Voyages FRAM tail c/s, dep 7
  MM62201 P180 Italian AF I2201 -
  SU-GCN B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
  03-3125 C17 USAF RCH350 dep 5
  F-GIXS B733 Europe Airpost FPO101A//201A a/w
05/08/2009 130305 C130 Canadian AF ATLS305 dep 10
  EI-EED B763 Blue Panorama JAF377P/3477/8/8P -
06/08/2009 9A-CDB MD83 Dubrovnik Airline ESK3676/7 +7
  84-0081 LJ35 USAF JALOP43 -
07/08/2009 OE-LNO B737 Lauda Air AUA351/2/5/6 +13,20,24
  03-3125 C17 USAF RCH350 dep 8
  OE-LJR J328 Welcome Air TYW552/3 -
08/08/2009 HB-JVE F100 Helvetic Airways SWR788/9 -
  TS-IPA A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 -
09/08/2009 OM-SWU B735 SmartWings ESK2674/5 +23,30
10/08/2009 F-GYAQ A321 Air Mediterranee BIE788T/790T mx, Voyages FRAM tail c/s, dep 12
  97-0101 C560 USAF DUKE14 -
  TC-JIJ A343 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
11/08/2009 TC-IZA A320 IZair PGT273/4 +18
  F-HBOY A310 Blue Line BLE107 mx, dep 14
12/08/2009 EC-KBO B734 Hola Airlines BMM448/9/432/3/412/3 a/w n/t, +13,14,24,
  97-0102 C560 USAF DUKE09 -
  I-AIGG B763 Air Italy RAM838/9 -
  0206 AN28 Polish AF PLF125 -
  69-038 ? C160 Turkish AF TUAF308 -
13/08/2009 T.21-06 C295 Spanish AF AME3582 dep 14
  TC-SGF B738 Air Algerie DAH2064/5 a/w n/t
  F-GMLX MD83 Blue Line BMM426/7/412/3/432/3 basic Air Comet c/s, n/t, +14,16,17
  CS-TLO B763 euroAtlantic Airways RAM844/5 -
  84-0158 BE20 USAF DUKE21 -
  OM-ASE B733 Air Slovakia ESK3676/7 a/w, +16 dep 17, +18
14/08/2009 EC-JZX B712 Quantum Air RAM838/9 -
  131/F-RAXQ TBM7 French AF CTM0031 -
  9A-CDA MD83 Dubrovnik Airline ESK3674/5 +16
  130305 C130 Canadian AF ATLS305 dep 18
  G-ZAPX B752 Titan Airways TCW608P/5608/9/609F n/t, dep 15
  EK-RA01 A319 Armenian Gvmt RNV5107/8 -
  F-HBOY A310 Blue Line JAF477P/477/8/478P dep 15
  D-AICD A320 Condor TCW5936F/5936/7/5937F dep 15
  SU-GCO B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
15/08/2009 LY-SKR B752 Aurela Airlines JAF113P/6113/4/114P dep 16
  YR-HBA MD83 Medallion Air RAM838/9 a/w n/t, +19
  CS-TDI A310 White BMM412/3 -
  CS-TEI A310 HiFly RAM844/5 basic Oman Air c/s n/t, dep 16, +22 dep 23
  PH-AAG CRJ2 Solid Air SOX232/8 dep 16, +16
16/08/2009 EC-LAV B734 Hola Airlines BMM448/9 a/w n/t, +18,19,20,21
  CN-ROW B763 RAM RAM844/5 -
  HB-JVF F100 Helvetic Airways SWR780/1 +23,30
  OY-SVB JS32 Sun-air of Scandinavia BAW8221/2/3/4 British Airways markings, +18,19,21,23,27
  ET-ALU B737 Ethiopian Airlines ETH8704/5 -
17/08/2009 EC-HUZ B712 Quantum Air RAM844/5 -
  OM-SWV B735 SmartWings ESK2674/5 -
  EC-JJS MD83 Swiftair BMM426/7 a/w n/t, +20,21,23
  OO-JAM B734 Jet4you JFU369/JAF295 dep 18
18/08/2009 TC-TLB B734 Tailwind Airlines TWI471/2 +28,29
  OM-ASD B733 Air Slovakia RAM844/5 a/w, dep 19, +20
  F-GMLU MD83 Blue Line RAM838/9 a/w n/t
  D-AHII A319 Hamburg International TAY98P/2801 -
  ZE701 B461 RAF RRR1964/1 -
19/08/2009 F-GLXQ B734 Axis Airways BMM432/3/412/3 +19, dep 20
  N371BC B738 Mid East Jet N371BC n/t, +20
20/08/2009 TC-IZM A319 IZair PGT803/4 -
  EC-HNZ B712 Quantum Air QTM072/3072 dep 21
  SU-GCP B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 o/c
  TC-JIK A343 Turkish Airlines THY1939/40 -
  TC-SGD B734 Air Algerie DAH2064/5 white s/t
  4589 C130 French AF CTM2249/OSY19T dep 21
21/08/2009 EC-HOA B712 Quantum Air RAM838/9 -
  A6-MXB A306 Maximus Air Cargo MXU342/3 dep 22
  OM-ASF B733 Air Slovakia ESK3676/7 a/w n/t, +26
22/08/2009 EC-ISY B752 Privilege Style Airlines BMM412/3 s/t
  TS-IPB A306 Tunis Air TAR788/9 -
  SE-DMT MD81 Nordic Airways TCW178T/6178/9/179F n/t
  SE-RHX B738 Viking Airlines RAM838/9 -
24/08/2009 F-GLXQ B734 Axis Airways AXY941/2 for UEFA CL soccer team Olympique Lyon
  CA-02 A310 Belgian AF BAF698 final flight and stored
25/08/2009 84-0110 LJ35 USAF JALOP96 2x
  SU-GCZ B738 Egyptair MSR725/6 -
  PH-AAY A320 Amsterdam Airlines TCW502T/2502/3/503F -
  F-GYAR A321 Air Mediterranee BIE9456/7 Voyages FRAM tail c/s, for UEFA CL soccer team Olympique Lyon,
27/08/2009 90-0300 GLF4 USAF FENDY51 -
  TC-IZH A319 IZair PGT803/4 -
  TC-SGE B734 Air Algerie DAH2064/5 white s/t
  N740WA B744 World Airways WOA9401/3001 -
  EC-JIP SW4 Via Tauro FTL552 -
  F-GYPE E135 Hex Air PEA007 n/t, dep 28
28/08/2009 EC-JIP SW4 Via Tauro FTL552/3 2x
  SE-RHX B738 Viking Airlines TCW528T/5729/6364/5/529T +29, dep 30
  LZ-MDB A320 Air VIA TCW5893/589F -
29/08/2009 VT-VJM A319 UB Group KFR11 Kingfisher c/s, dep 30
30/08/2009 PH-HZK B738 Transavia JAF6938/7823/4/7903/4/818 +31, dep 31
  ET-ALZ B752 Ethiopian Airlines ETH704/5 -
  EC-HJQ B738 Air Europa IWD7317/8 -
  S5-AAD CRJ2 Adria Airways ADR376/7 f/v with Siol c/s
  OM-CLB B733 SkyEurope ESK3676/7 final flight
31/08/2009 EC-HZH SW4 Aeronova OVA831/2 -
  SE-DMT MD81 Nordic Airways BMM432/9077 n/t


If in the note a + is written and followed by numbers: that are also the dates on which the aircraft has been seen.

Reports compiled by SkyStef with kind support from: Brubiac

Some abbreviations used: a/c=aircraft; arr=arrived (in local time); a/w=all white; c/s=color scheme; del=delivery; dep=departed (in local time); f/c=full colors; f/v=first visit; iso=instead of; mil=military flight; mx=maintenance; n/c=new colors; n/t=no titles; o/c=old colors; r/o=rolled out;  s/t=small titles; u/s=out of service; v/v=vice versa.

ICAO codes for aircraft type via this link

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