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Status of commercial piston engined aircraft on Belgian register: past (AAR-DVG)




Regi Type Msn  Original Belgian operator Last regi Current status
OO-AAR Noorduyn Norseman 612 Air Union Belge OO-AAR presum b/u as canx 22/06/50
OO-ABE DC-6A/B 44915 BIAS N9232Z Quo Vadis Inc  canx 25/05/13 as wfu
OO-ABG DC-6B 43829 BIAS OO-ABG crashed on app due to fog into trees MXP 18/02/66 {4,0}
OO-ABS DC-4 43095 (Air Katanga) 9Q-CBH (Air Zaïre)  crashed on landing when undershot rwy due to downburst GMA 07/03/74 {0,*}
OO-ADN DC-4 43099 Sabena OO-ADN (Air Katanga)  destroyed on ground by Fouga Magister of Katanga Air Force (93) on airports attack Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) 15/09/61 {0,0}
OO-ADT DC-4 43100 Sabena 9Q-CBQ (Air Zaïre)  wfu FIH 00/00/76  fate ?
OO-AFA Lockheed 12A 1211 Hans-Air F-BHVT (Michael Duc)  crashed on landing Briare (France) 20/11/71  {*,*} 
OO-ANT Avro Anson I 1312 John Mahieu Aviation OO-ANT b/u BRU by 19/01/54
OO-APB C-47A 11923 John Mahieu Aviation 4X-FNF / 003 (Israel Air Force) destroyed 01/11/73 Baluza (Sinai) (wreck to Revivim Kibbutz)  (Msn yet to be confirmed, according other source 4X-AES of Arkia and wfu 1966)
OO-APB(2) C-47A 25292 COBETA NAF-303 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u LOS 17/04/77 after seen derelict 00/03/77
OO-APC C-53 4930 John Mahieu Aviation N74139 (Aerodyne Engineering Corp)  dbr on landing after stalled on attempting go around Isla del Fronton (Mexico) 08/06/68 {0,10}
OO-APG Avro Anson 19 1363 John Mahieu Aviation OO-APG (M. Lekeu)  dbr on emergency landing after engine failure Baardegem (Belgium) 29/07/56 {0,9}
OO-API Lockheed Hudson I 1812 John Mahieu Aviation OO-API b/u BRU by 15/01/54
OO-APM Lockheed Hudson I 1476 John Mahieu Aviation OO-APM (COBETA)  fate ?
OO-APN Avro Anson 19 1357 John Mahieu Aviation OO-APN dbr on emergency landing AMS 20/03/47 {0,2}  canx 15/01/54 as b/u  
OO-APO Beechcraft D18S A-480 John Mahieu Aviation C-GVIB Vancouver Island Air
OO-APX Avro Anson 19 1358 John Mahieu Aviation OO-APX wfu by 15/01/54 and b/u afterwards
OO-AUH DC-3 2093 Sabena D-ATZP (Deutsche Lufthansa)  seized by RAF Flensburg 05/05/45 and afterwards destroyed 
OO-AUI DC-3 2094 Sabena OO-AUI (RAF)  destroyed on ground HZB 23/05/40 {*,*}
OO-AUL DC-3D 42968 Sabena 6169 (Portuguese Air Force)  destroyed CTI (Angola) 31/03/73 {*,*}
OO-AUM DC-3D 42973 Sabena 9Q-CUM (Air Congo)  destroyed by fire FIH 18/08/68
OO-AUN DC-3D 42977 Sabena 9T-PKW Zaïrean Air Force
OO-AUO C-47A 10129 Sabena 9Q-CKU (AMAZ)  derelict Kinshasa 00/04/81  afterwards b/u
OO-AUP C-47A 10063 Sabena 9Q-CUP (Air Congo)  destroyed FIH 15/02/70 {*,*}
OO-AUQ C-47A 10241 Sabena OO-AUQ crashed near Aulnay-sous-Bois after t/o LBG to BRU due to wing failure 18/12/49 {8,0}
OO-AUR C-47 4549 Sabena OO-AUR crashed into hangars after t/o when went into a half roll BRU 17/09/46 {1,6}
OO-AUS C-47 9093 Sabena OO-AUS wfu for spares BRU 31/10/46  canx 27/02/48 as b/u
OO-AUV DC-3C 43087 Sabena YV-609C (Servivensa)  wfu CAJ 00/00/02  l/n 12/06/04
OO-AUW C-47B 26297 Sabena N6903 (JLR Air Transport Inc - registered 15/06/79)  presum b/u
OO-AUX DC-3C 43088 Sabena OO-AUX (Delta Air Transport)  b/u ANR 00/09/73 after storage 01/06/70
OO-AUY DC-3C 43089 Sabena N3433Y (Salair)  dbr when collided with the terrain due to engine failure and afterwards burned out Spokane (USA) 18/03/94 {2,0}
OO-AUZ DC-3C 43090 Sabena N3433H (Meridian Air Cargo)  wfu in USA and seen many parts missing by 00/00/78 
OO-AVG C-47A 19458 Delta Air Transport N3433E ((Meridian Air Cargo) Mister Rose)  Basler  fuselage only seen OSH 29/07/10 in faded USAAF c/s (arr OSH late 1999) after presumable been wfu & on display in USAAF markings without serial at Tallichet's Specialty Restaurant (MEM) since mid eighties. It is not the airframe wfu & preserved as 0-35732 in USAF Rescue Heritage Hall at Kirtland Air Force Base since at least 00/05/91 which remains with an unknown msn
OO-AWA DC-6B 43062 Sabena EP-AES (Iran Air)  wfu THR 01/05/71 & b/u afterwards
OO-AWB DC-6B 43063 Sabena OO-SDB crashed when the aircraft drifted away and struck the slope of the Costons dell'Acquasanta (Italy) at a height of 1700m on flight BRU-CIA-Leopoldsville (Kinshasa) 13/02/55 {29,0}
OO-AWC DC-6B 43064 Sabena N5594R (Trans Air Link (Atlas Aircraft Corp))  wfu MIA 00/10/82  fate ?
OO-AWD DH104 Dove 1 04011 Sabena OO-DAL (Sotramat)  crashed into pylon Cugny (France) 19/06/59 {2,0}
OO-AWE DH104 Dove 1B 04013 Sabena KAT-19 (Katangese Air Force)  destroyed Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) during 1961
OO-AWF C-47A 13486 Sabena 9T-PKT or 9T-PKW (Congolese Air Force)  fate ?
OO-AWG DC-3C 43091 Sabena LN-LMK (Fred Olsen)  wfu FBU 04/03/74 and afterwards b/u
OO-AWH DC-3C 43154 Sabena OO-AWH crashed on app LHR due to fog 02/03/48 {20,2}
OO-AWJ C-47A 9626 Sabena OO-AWJ (BIAS (opf Linair))  b/u TIP 01/04/75 after been wfu and used for spares 01/04/70
OO-AWK C-47A 9865 Sabena NAF-306 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u LOS 77/78 after been wfu 00/01/72 (l/n derelict 00/03/77)
OO-AWL C-47A 19951 Sabena 9T-PKZ Zaïrean Air Force (l/n 00/11/73)
OO-AWM C-47A 12318 Sabena NAF-305 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u LOS 77/78 after been wfu 00/01/72 (l/n derelict 00/03/77)
OO-AWN C-47A 12767 Sabena NAF-307 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u KAD 77/78 after been wfu 00/11/76
OO-AWO CV-240 128 Sabena OO-AWO crashed on app when undershot rwy in poor weather ZRH 19/12/53 {1,42} 
OO-AWP CV-240 153 Sabena LN-KAP (Polaris Air Transport)  b/u FBU during seventies after storage 08/06/73
OO-AWQ CV-240 154 Sabena OO-AWQ crashed shortly after t/o due to loss of engine power Kelsterbach (near FRA) 14/10/53 {44,0}
OO-AWR CV-240 155 Sabena SP-LPB (LOT)  crashed after t/o on training flight when prop was lost WAW 11/04/58 {4,0}
OO-AWS CV-240 156 Sabena N656W Rodrigo Francisco
OO-AWT CV-240 157 Sabena N270L (Aspen Airways)  dbr on belly landing when pilot forget to lower u/c ASE 17/01/70 {0,52}
OO-AWU DC-6B 43148 Sabena 9Q-CBM (LUKAS)  wfu FIH 00/00/83  l/n 13/10/84  fate ?
OO-AWV CV-240 38 Sabena N7177B (Mission Air Lift Inc)  crashed on emergency landing after t/o when encountered engine failure Clewiston (USA) 04/09/78 {2,0}
OO-AWW DC-6B 43149 Sabena 9Q-CLB (Air Congo)  wfu FIH 00/00/70  fate ?
OO-AWZ C-47A 25292 COBETA NAF-303 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u LOS 17/04/77 after seen derelict 00/03/77
OO-BIA DH114 Heron 1B 14043 Sabena G-ANCI (Tradair opf Channel Express)  b/u SEN 00/07/72
OO-BPL DH104 Dove 04256 BIAS N99254 Providence Commuters Inc  canx as wfu 27/11/12 (was l/n OKC 00/10/04) 
OO-CBB DC-3 6339 Sabena 9T-PKR (Congolese Air Force) crashed near Watsa (Congo) 1972
OO-CBC DC-3 4144 Sabena 9T-PKS (Congolese Air Force) seen i/s 00/05/173  fate ?
OO-CBD DC-4 42906 Sabena 9Q-CBD (LUKAS)  wfu NLO 00/00/76  l/n derelict 00/04/81 and presum b/u afterwards
OO-CBF DC-4 42933 Sabena 9Q-CBF (LUKAS)  wfu FIH 00/00/83 and b/u afterwards
OO-CBH DC-4 43095 Sabena 9Q-CBH (Air Zaïre)  crashed on landing when undershot rwy by 100m due to downburst GMA 07/03/74 {0,*}
OO-CBI DC-4 43096 Sabena 9Q-CMC (African Air Charter)  b/u FIH by 00/08/89 after storage 00/10/85
OO-CBM DH104 Dove 1 04014 Sabena OO-CBM (Institut Géographique du Congo Belge)  crashed AIG 20/12/53 {2,*}
OO-CBP DC-4 43099 Sabena OO-ADN (Air Katanga)  destroyed on ground by Fouga Magister of Katanga Air Force (93) on airports attack Elisabethville (Lubumbashi)15/09/61 {0,0}
OO-CBQ DC-4 43100 Sabena 9Q-CBQ (Air Zaïre)  wfu FIH 00/00/76  fate ?
OO-CBR DC-4 43101 Sabena 9Q-CBR (Air Zaïre)  wfu FIH 00/00/76  fate ?
OO-CBT C-47A 19536 Sabena N47FE (Inter Ocean Airways)  crashed after t/o possible due to being shot down UEL 21/04/88 {2,1}
OO-CBU C-47B 25799 Sabena OO-CBU (Delta Air Transport (Kestrel Aviation Ltd))  b/u after been used for spares CDD 05/01/73
OO-CBW C-47B 20776 Sabena NAF-304 (Nigerian Air Force)  b/u LOS 77/78 after been wfu 1972 (l/n derelict 00/03/77)
OO-CBX C-47B 33224 Sabena N4241P (Southern Air Parcel Inc.)  fate ?
OO-CBY C-47A 11982 Sabena EC-FDH (ARM Palfe)  destroyed QSA 00/04/92  cockpit to Aeroteca bookshop downtown Barcelona  fuselage shipped for display at Berlin Airlift
OO-CFD DH104 Dove 1 04083 Sabena OO-CFD crashed on app when windscreen wipers failed in rain Kamembe 01/05/54 (Congo) {*,*}
OO-CFE DH104 Dove 1 04103 Sabena KA-20 (Katanga Air Force)  crashed Lake Upemba (Congo) 31/01/61 {*,*} 
OO-CFF DC-7C 45162 Sabena EC-ATQ (Spantax)  dbr MAD 30/03/70 {0,?}  b/u 00/00/74 after been used for spares
OO-CFH DC-7C 45309 Sabena EC-ATR (Spantax)  wfu MAD 15/01/77  used as restaurant at El Berriel (Spain)
OO-CFJ DC-7C 45310 Sabena N9499 (ARCO)  b/u BSL 00/00/80 after storage 05/03/71
OO-CTH DC-6B 43829 Sabena OO-ABG (BIAS)  crashed on app into trees in fog MXP on cargo flight from BRU 18/02/66 {4,0}
OO-CTI DC-6B 43830 Sabena OO-VGB (Delta Air Transport ) dbr on t/o when nose wheel collapsed SEN 04/10/74 {0,105}  b/u for spares 30/01/75
OO-CTK DC-6B 43831 Sabena TR-LTY (Air Gabon)  wfu Gabon by 00/07/77 fate ?
OO-CTL DC-6B 43832 Sabena OO-CTL (Sobelair)  dbr on cargo flight when landing and overran rwy with retracted left main gear after hydraulic system failure AGP 20/12/70 {0,7}
OO-CTM DC-6B 44175 Sabena 9Q-CRH (ATO - Air Transport Office)  b/u FIH (date unknown) after storage 00/00/98 
OO-CTN DC-6B 44176 Sabena TR-LQD (Air Gabon)  wfu LBV 00/03/74  fate ?  
OO-CTO DC-6A 44420 Sabena PK-BAY (Bayu Indonesia Air)  wfu JKT 00/01/89 (l/n derelict 00/00/02)
OO-CTP DC-6A 44421 Sabena N844TA (Miami Air Lease)  crashed when struck the water and broke up at impact on clandestine flight off Bimini (Bahamas) 28/11/80 {4,0}
OO-CWD DH104 Dove 1 04011 Sabena OO-DAL (Sotramat)  crashed into pylon Cugny (France) 19/06/59 {2,0}
OO-DAL DH104 Dove 1 04011 Sotramat OO-DAL crashed into pylon near Saint Quentin (France) 19/06/59 {2,0}
OO-DED Percival Proctor V Ae109 Air Transport OO-DED (R. Van Passel & L. Vlieghe)  crashed Keerbergen (Belgium) 00/02/54 {*,*}
OO-DEP C-54B 18384 BIAS OO-DEP (wetleased by Air Congo)  dbr when on t/o hit some fuel barrels on rwy, nosewheel collapsed, veered of the runway and caught fire Stanleyville (Kisangani) 29/11/64 {7,8}
OO-DFA Avro Anson 19 1361 Sabena G-AYWA Royal Army Museum of Belgium  stored Vissenaken (Belgium) 03/12/07 after storage CVT since 00/03.00  due for static display in old Belgian Air Force markings Melsbroek
OO-DVG DC-3C 43089 Delta Air Transport N3433Y (Salair)  dbr when collided with the terrain due to engine failure and afterwards burned out Spokane (USA) 18/03/94 {2,0}



- registrations that have not been taken up in Belgian register (ntu) are excluded.
- only postwar II aircraft have been included, except for DC-3/C-47.
- DC-3/C-47 OO-CBA, OO-CBJ/UBJ, OO-CBK, OO-CBL, OO-CBN, OO-CBO and OO-CBU are excluded as only registered into Belgian Congolese register.
- DC-4/C-54 OO-CBE and OO-CBS are excluded for same reason.
- DH104 Dove OO-CFC and OO-CGG are excluded for same reason.
are excluded for same reason.

Some abbreviations used: app=approach, arr=arrived, a/w= all white, b/u=broken up, canx = cancelled, c/s=color scheme, dbr=damaged beyond repair, f/c=full colors, i/s= in service, l/n=last noted,  lsd=leased, msn=manufactory serial number, n/t=no titles,  opf=operating for, presum=presumable, reg=registration, rwy=runway, s/t=small titles, wfu=withdrawn from use. IATA codes are used for airports (see link-page on this web). Date is read as day/month/year. Numbers between {  } read as left=fatalities, right=survivers, +=fatalities on ground.  

Credit: Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS), Aviation Letter, Scramble, Airnieuws, Onze Sabena, Belgian Civil Aircraft since 1920 (MCP), Douglas DC-6 (AP), The Convairliners Story (ABP), World Directory of Airliner Crashes (PSL), own archives and info shared via internet.

Special thanks to B. Ceulemans for some additions and corrections.

Photos are shown for non commercial purpose and were only put online to illustrate the rich and colorfull history of the Belgian register.
They were taken by:
- myself and credited as "Skystef",
- shared by otherone's (collection) credited with their name,
- scanned from my slide or photo collection. If these slides / photo's carry the name of the photographer, it's credited such. In case of no name I will use "collection Skystef". However, if you recognize some picture(s) as yours, don't hesitate to contact me so I can give the proper credit.

Contribution of pictures is encouraged as some are still missing especially in the section "prop and piston engined aircraft". 

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