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Boeing 707-131 (17665/28)


02/02/59 - Boeing Rolled out at Renton
11/04/59 - - Made its first flight from Renton
13/05/59 N738TW Trans World Airlines Delivered with fleet No 7738
00/00/61 - - Ferried to Renton for tail and fin modifications
00/00/61 - - Redelivered
01/06/71 - - Removed from service and placed in storage at Kansas City
17/12/71 - Israel Aircraft Industries Purchased and delivered via Heathrow
00/10/73 4X-ACN Israel Government Requisitioned by Israel Government as VIP aircraft during Six-Day War
00/10/73 4X-JYI - Reregistered
29/11/73 OO-TED Trans European Airways Purchase agreement signed and officially registered with CoA 2387, but held under requisition of the Israeli Government. Named "Rena"
00/01/74 N738TW Israel Aircraft Industries Reregistered and placed in storage Tel Aviv. Proposed conversion into freighter configuration was abandoned.
00/01/74 OO-TED Trans European Airways Purchased and ferried to Brussels and parked on military side. It still carried N738TW registration. Some Belgian documents suggest that the aircraft was kept under requisition of the Israeli Government till December 1983
00/03/74 - - Entered service
00/09/78 - BEA Airtours Leased
00/10/78 - Trans European Airways Returned
00/08/80 - Braniff Leased
00/09/80 - Trans European Airways Returned
00/12/80 - - TAT 48462 hrs
00/07/82 - Air France Leased
00/07/82 - Trans European Airways Returned
12/09/82 - El Al Leased during strike at El Al
00/12/82 - Trans European Airways Returned
22/04/84 - - Engine-failure after t/o from Brussels. Safe landing
00/07/84 - Air Algerie Leased for Hadj flights
00/08/84 - Trans European Airways Returned
07/10/84 - - Made a special farewell flight with 184 enthusiasts on board. Took off from Brussels on runway 25R at 1417pm flew at 12.000ft to Belgian Coast and landed via Antwerp at Brussels on runway 25L at 1502pm. TAT 50259 hrs
23/12/84 - - Last revenue flight Tel Aviv-Brussels.
06/01/85 - - Placed in storage at Brussels.
14/11/85 - - Canx from register and used for spares
00/03/87 - AirXport Purchased
00/09/87 - - Broken up at Brussels

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