Weather pictures & report of March 5 2005


Slight snow related to relaxing occlusion.

Synopsis: advection of maritime polar air from the NW. A relaxing warm occlusion was transported to the Low Countries and was blocked over eastern parts of Belgium. T 850 hPa was -10C, T 700 hPa was -19C. From 1645 CET intermittent slight snow from the west lasting till 0200 CET next morning with temperatures of -1C. Photos taken at Kampenhout or near village Erps-Kwerps in Central European Time (CET).


10:34. Proof of 1 cm snow and positive temperatures. 


After the snow did fall I decided to make a little night sightseeing tour in Kampenhout. Our Lady church in neo-gothic style was constructed in 1874 and has a height of 50 meter. On the left the former Town Hall (1912-1980) which was build in 1883. This building was abandoned for years but will be restored next coming years. Shutter speed 3,2 sec - aperture 3,5.


I stopped on "a road to nowhere". Shutter speed 1,3 sec - aperture 3,5.


Of more than a dozen Chapels, this one is called "Matri Misericordiae" and was build in 1652. Shutter speed 64 sec - aperture 3,5.


The road seems to end somewhere in the distance and leads in fact to the Castle of Wilder. The road self is called "Wilderse Dreef" and was constructed back in 1687 to connect this Castle with the (demolished) Castle of Ruisbeek. This shot was taken with shutter speed 135 sec - aperture 3,5. Note: me and my tripod are also visible.


Captured during daylight, the same trees and road with melting process on its way.


10:12 WSW (Erps-Kwerps). A plane (DC10 of Bangladesh) is leaving a visible wake vortex contrail due to the humid air in low levels. In the far back the new control tower of Brussels Airport, located at Steenokkerzeel.


10:23 NW (Erps-Kwerps). Classic winter shot. A couple of hours later this was all history with rising temperatures.


15:20 N. Return of the occlusion from NE with sleet and small hail.



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